Connecting Programs with Majors

Applications for Summer and Fall 2014 are due February 13, 2014. Make your appointment now!

Each program has a faculty program advisor that can answer questions, give guidance and provide information.

Off-Campus Program Advisors 2012-2013

Off campus programs are possible with virtually any major, and in some cases, even accentuate your major coursework. Click the links below to find a program that would fit with your academic track.

Off-campus programs are generally divided into three categories and may be categorized as follows:

  • Research: all SIT, and ACM programs, as well as the Chicago Newberry, and Oakridge programs.
  • Internships: EPA, Boston University, AustraLearn ICMS.
  • Study Only: American College of Thessaloniki, AHA Segovia, Antioch College, Budapest Semester in Mathematics, Burren College of Art, CCCS, Chicoutimi, CIEE, College Year in Athens, Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies- Oxford, University College Cork, Deusto-Bilbao, Grenoble Program, Heidelberg College, IAU- Marchutz School of Painting, IES, Japan Center, John Cabot University, London School of Economics, Sophia University, SACI, University of Aberdeen, University of Glasgow, University of Stirling, University of Sussex, Universite Chikh Anta Diop, University of Cape Town, University of Hong Kong, American University, Yonsei University, York St. John University.

Different programs are offered at different times during the academic year, and for different lengths of time.

Requirements for off-campus study

  • Junior or Senior standing.
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.7. Some programs have a higher GPA requirement.
  • Demonstrated maturity commensurate with the demands of the program.
  • Successful completion of the Writing Competence Exam before attending the program.
  • Good social standing.

Students on an off-campus program approved for Albion credit and may use 75% of their Albion Financial Aid to go off campus. For more information about Off-Campus Programs and the application process, please read the Off-Campus Programs Handbook.

Requirements for internships

  • A student must work 150 hours at their internship to receive 1 unit of Albion college credit.
  • A student must work 300 hours at their internship to receive 2 units of Albion college credit.