Visa Application Information

Upon receiving your deposit and confirmation to enroll at Albion College, the College will mail to you an I-20 or DS-2019. (Again, the I-20 is sent to degree-seeking students to obtain an F-1 visa. The DS-2019 is sent to exchange students and native speakers to obtain a J-1 visa.)

When you receive the I-20/DS-2019:

  1. Check it for accuracy. (name, birth date, gender, etc.)
  2. Sign and date the form.
  3. Make an interview appointment with the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate. If you delay, there can be a lengthy wait in getting a visa.
  4. Check with the U.S. embassy/consulate for a list of documents required for your interview.

Here is a brief list of documents you should be prepared to show:

  • Completed visa application
  • Valid passport
  • Your signed I-20 or DS-2019
  • I-901 Receipt (SEVIS fee payment receipt)
  • Financial documents (proof of finances)
  • Any additional documents the embassy may request you to bring to your appointment

Preparation for the interview:

In addition to gathering the necessary documents and forms, we encourage you to prepare for your interview with the U.S. embassy/consulate. You may want to give some special thought to your:

  • Foreign residence and ties to a community
  • Intention to return to the place of foreign residence
  • Ability to financially support yourself (and family, if included) while in the U.S.