International Student Resources

International Students during an international fashion show.

Welcome to the International students section of the CIE website. Here, you will find helpful information about issues that international students commonly come across. This section contains information on immigration, financial aid, driving in Michigan, and healthcare.

It is important to maintain a valid student status during your stay in the US and at Albion College. This section includes information for F-1 students that will help you better understand federal immigration regulations that affect you.

Immigration rules can vary depending on your particular case or situation. For the most accurate information, please come to CIE to discuss your questions with Dr. Debra Peterson, Director.

Please note that regulations are complex and subject to change. It is your responsibility to keep current of changes via the CIE website and through updates sent to your Albion College email account.

Albion College draws its strength from the rich diversity of our students. We are pleased to welcome qualified students from all backgrounds, regardless of citizenship and immigration status, into our living and learning community.

We are mindful of the challenges faced by DACA holders and undocumented students during these uncertain times and are committed to continuing to welcome and support these individuals.