Adjacent Academies: San Francisco, CA

Subjects: The 16-week semester program offers a full load of four courses and is right for students who are excited to commit an extended period of time immersed in place-based learning, networking, collaborating, and building. The semester is designed for tech-curious students with no technical background to become proficient in advanced interface design and dynamic web application programming. From week 1, students will be challenged to think computationally, create a foundational understanding of technology, and develop a curiosity to explore relevant concepts.

In addition, the curriculum interweaves a humanities course that will contextualize and question the role of technology in our society. Students will explore, comment on, critique, or celebrate the impact of tech via the lens of justice, ethics, and community not only in the classroom but also in the surroundings of San Francisco. Students will visit tech companies, network with professionals, and build a career toolkit specifically designed to launch them into a variety of roles in tech.

Prerequisites: 2.7 GPA, junior-level standing, demonstrated maturity.

Length: Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters

Credit: 4.0 units (Fall & Spring), 1.0 unit (Summer)

Housing & Meals: Students live in dorms in the heart of San Francisco and have a very short commute (10-15 min) to Adjacent’s learning space. Students are provided with a weekly stipend using an app called Ritual to order and pick-up food from a wide-variety of restaurants near the dorms and program space.

Albion Faculty Advisor: Laurel Draudt, Ludington Center, email:

Cost: Albion College tuition, fees and room covers program tuition and fees, and room. Fall & Spring Semester non-refundable deposit $500. Summer non-refundable deposit $250.

Costs Not Covered by Albion: Travel to and from San Francisco, local transportation and personal expenses.


Anh M. Nguyen, CEO, Adjacent Academies
55 2nd Street, 25th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone: 415/326-6080

Alumni Mentoring

Mentoring and Success at Albion College

Who is an Albion Mentor?

Albion Mentors are Albion alumni, friends, and parents who have successfully navigated college and careers. They enjoy the personal satisfaction of contributing to a student’s growth and the challenge of relating to today’s Albion students. Mentors play a variety of roles, from offering basic advice about a job search to sharing critical insights on career readiness. Combined with assistance from the Career and Internship Center, mentoring can create a powerful environment for student success.

Mentor/Student Relationships: Expectations and Guidelines


The Albion College mentoring program uses the strengths of the Linkedin network, Albion alumni, and supporters. The Albion Mentoring Linkedin group is a subgroup of the Albion College Official Linkedin group. You will need to be granted permission to be a part of the Mentoring group and will be expected to adhere to strong ethical standards to participate.

Mentoring Topics

Topics that may be covered within a mentoring relationship may be as simple as questions about how to communicate a skill in a resume. Students and mentors may form longer term mentoring relationships that cover choice of career, success in college, and success after college.

Getting Matched with a Mentor

The matching process will materialize in one of a few ways: the public arena of the Linkedin group or through a student reaching out to a specific mentor that is a member of the group. Public postings allow the Career and Internship Center, Alumni, and Parent Leadership offices to monitor and facilitate matches.

Steps for Connecting with a Mentor

  1. Make sure your Linkedin profile is up to date and professional.
  2. Join the Albion College Official Group on Linkedin.
  3. Request to join the Albion College Mentoring Group within the Albion College Official Group (located by clicking on the More tab and then Subgroups).
  4. Post questions or topics where you would like assistance to the group. This could be a request to be contacted by a mentor or a question for the group. Your posts may look something like the following examples:
    1. “I am a junior majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Art. I would like to connect with someone with a similar background to help me explore career options.”
    2. “I am a sophomore majoring in Philosophy and I have not yet chosen a minor. I would like to ask the group their thoughts on this topic.”
    3. “I am looking for a mentoring relationship as I prepare for my junior year with aspirations of going to law school.”
    4. “I live in the Detroit area, and I would like to work in marketing after I graduate. Is there someone in the group that I could meet with while I am home during Thanksgiving Break?”
  5. Make sure that you always follow-up with mentor communications.
  6. When appropriate, foster a longer-term relationship by providing updates once per semester to mentors.

Mentors are not official representatives of Albion College. Make sure to exercise care and be an educated consumer of information.

Terminating the Mentor/Mentee Relationship

There is no formal process to terminate the mentoring relationship. At any time, either the mentor or the student can indicate that contact is no longer necessary. Both the mentor and the student is expected to respect the wishes of the party requesting termination.

Welcome to the Sophomore Year Experience

A student consults with Midori Yoshii, associate professor of international studies, during Declare a Major Night 2013.
Midori Yoshii, associate professor of international studies, advises a student during Declare a Major Night 2013.


Engage your community

Practical Knowledge

Congratulations! You have completed your freshman year!

Albion College is committed to your continued engagement with your community and educational process. During your sophomore year, we have activities and events planned to help you succeed in your college career and beyond.

Over the next year, you are expected to engage with your Albion College community through participating in:

  • Participate in a community service project

  • The Off-Campus Programs Fair – September 4 from 4:40 p.m. to 7 p.m. (Quad - within Briton Bash)

  • Gerstacker Recruiter's Night – September 10 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. (Science Complex Atrium)
  • LinkedIn Workshop – September 11 from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. (Ferguson 111)
  • The Academic Fair – September 26 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. (Science Complex Atrium)

  • LinkedIn Workshop – October 3 from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. (Ferguson 111)

  • Career and Internship Center Employer visits during Fall 2013 and Spring 2014

  • Serve the People Event – Spring 2014 (Date, time, and location TBA)

  • Visit with someone from Career and Internship Center about your summer job and tying that into your future

  • Visit with your academic adviser

  • Declare a Major Event – February 10-13 (Career & Internships Center)

All sophomores will receive a punchcard in their campus mailbox to record attendance at these events and activities. Each time you attend an event, you will receive an entry for the raffle at the Declare a Major Event in the spring (must be present to win).

Through the Sophomore Year Experience, we aim to make your second year at Albion not just successful, but fulfilling and memorable. If you have questions about the SYE program, please contact the Career and Internship Center and we'll be happy to answer them.

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