The Briton Network

About The Briton Network

Alumni are eager to share their experience and expertise with current students. The Briton Network lets students message alumni and request advisory calls to learn about careers, industries, graduate school programs, ethics in the workplace, and more. Meanwhile, students develop the networking skills needed to succeed in the modern job market.

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Here’s how it works:

Joining the Briton Network

Students join with one-click signup to access a network of alumni who’ve volunteered as advisors

Searching the Briton Network

Students search by industry, job title, or location to find alumni who can help them

Connecting with the Briton Network

Students and alumni connect by sending messages or requesting phone calls for advice


  • Search for volunteer alumni advisors from your school by city, industry, company, job title, major & much more
  • Send messages and schedule calls for advice to learn more about what you can do with your Albion degree.


  • Information in your profile helps students at Albion find you via our search tool or recommendations
  • Exchange messages and schedule calls in-app without exchanging personal contact information

Faculty and Staff

Career Prep in the Classroom

  • Encourage students you work with to join Briton Network and request a phone call with an alum
  • Join Briton Network as a staff/faculty member and encourage students to connect with you on the network for advising sessions and/or office hours
  • Give extra credit to students who successfully connect with an alum for advice*
  • Add an informational interview requirement to your syllabus*
  • Add the Briton Network network to a list of classroom resources on your syllabus or website
  • Put a Briton Network network poster up in your office or classroom
  • Nudge students to think about their future - if they’re unsure of the next step, point them to the Briton Network

Stay Connected to Alumni

  • Reconnect with past students and stay in touch with those approaching graduation
  • You can help lead alumni or student communities in the Briton Network network to post files, share events, start discussions, and facilitate connections
  • After an event, encourage students to join Briton Network to continue the conversation

*Interested in making Briton Network a requirement or extra credit in your classroom? The Career and Internship Center can help you monitor and track usage for students in your class!