Mentor an Albion Student

Do you want to help an Albion student?

As Albion College alumni, you know the quality of the educational experience at Albion and its students. You also know that the people working in careers have an expertise that can go beyond what is available at the College. If you are interested in assisting current Albion students, we are interested in adding you to our network of mentors.

Process Overview

The Albion College mentoring program uses the strengths of the LinkedIn network, Albion alumni, and supporters. The Albion Mentoring LinkedIn Group is a subgroup of the Albion College official LinkedIn group. You will need to be granted permission to be a part of the Mentoring group and will be expected to adhere to strong ethical standards to participate.

Mentoring Topics

Topics that may be covered within a mentoring relationship may be as simple as questions about how to communicate a skill in a resume.  Students and mentors may form longer term mentoring relationships that cover choice of career, success in college, and success after college.

Getting Matched with a Mentee

The matching process will materialize in one of a few ways: the public arena of the Linkedin group or through a student reaching out to a specific mentor that is a member of the group.  Public postings allow the Career and Internship Center, Alumni, and Parent Leadership offices to monitor and facilitate matches.

pdfMentoring Program Handout for Mentors

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Career and Internship Center.

We hope you consider giving back to Albion College students. The role of mentoring is very important to the success of our graduates!