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Residency Exemption

Student Residence Policy

Albion College affirms the educational benefits inherent in the residential aspect of the undergraduate experience, and as such requires all students to reside and board within the College residential system. Exemptions to the residence policy are granted to students who fall under one or more of the following categories.


  1. Commuters, defined as students who reside with their parents or legal guardians not more than 25 miles from the Albion College campus. The residence must be with parents or guardians, not other relatives. The application must be accompanied by evidence that the address given is the bona fide principal residence of the parents or guardians and has been for at least five years. That should include, at a minimum, a copy of an assessment notice showing that the property is assessed as the principal residence of the owner, and evidence of ownership for the required time. If parents or guardians have changed their principal residence within the five-year period, there must also be evidence of sale of the previous residence. If the parents or guardians rent, and do not own, their residence, copies of leases reflecting the necessary continuous period of occupancy must be provided. Further corroborating information may be required at the discretion of the Residential Life staff.
    1. NOTE – Students approved for Commuter Student status prior to December, 2013 will continue to be reviewed using the Commuter Student definition found in the 2013 – 2014 Albion College Student Handbook.
  2. Married students.
  3. Students with legal dependents.
  4. Students age 23 or older (housing can be provided if desired).
  5. United States military veterans.

Application to apply for one of the exemptions must be made on a form available at the Office of Residential Life, with supporting documentation as required in the instructions with that form.

A written residency exemption petition form must be submitted by students to the Office of Residential Life before Tuesday, March 15, 2016 by 4:00 PM to request residency exemption for one of the 5 categories listed above.

To obtain a petition please contact the Office of Residential Life.

Who Can Participate in Room Selection

Eligibility to Participate in Room Selection

Graduating seniors, students intending to withdraw, students planning to take a leave of absence during Fall Semester 2017, or students approved for an Off-Campus Study Program for the Fall Semester 2017 may not participate in Room Selection. Room Selection is ONLY for those students currently enrolled for Spring Semester 2017 classes. Students who are not enrolled (transfer students, first year students, and students being readmitted to the College) will be placed in available housing during the summer and their assignments will be sent to their Albion College email address. Students approved to be on a Leave of Absence for the Spring 2017 are eligible to participate in the room selection process. In addition, members of fraternities are required to live in their designated house. Fraternity room selection will occur internally and separately from the other phases of Room Selection. Fraternity Presidents will have information regarding fraternity room selection.

Class Registration for Fall Semester 2017

Any Student who is assigned to a room during Room Selection but is not registered for Fall 2017 classes by May 1, 2017 may be removed from their selected room and placed on a wait list. The remaining roommate(s) will subsequently be assigned a new roommate by the Office of Residential Life.

Transfer Students (Students Transferring to Albion College for Fall 2017):

Once a transfer student completes the enrollment process, he/she will be contacted by the Office of Residential Life to discuss housing options.


Registration For SOAR

Registration for SOAR 2012, assessments, and enrollment forms have not yet been updated.  Those items will be available March 1, 2012.

If you have immediate questions, please contact us.

Understanding Room Selection

General Procedures

Albion College's Room Selection is primarily based on the individual's lottery number. Students will receive an email with their assigned lottery number on Wednesday, February 22, 2017. This lottery number will be used no matter which process within Room Selection the student is participating in.

Lottery numbers are randomly assigned and are based on the cumulative number of units earned (as of the end of Fall Semester 2016, reported from the Registrar's Office) with lower numbers having priority. Lottery numbers range from 0 through 1750. ALL currently enrolled students for Spring Semester 2017 receive lottery numbers. This includes graduating seniors and fraternity men. Please take this into consideration when looking at the number assigned.

For most phases of Room Selection, individuals trying to live together will have their lottery numbers added together in order to create one lottery number, their Group Lottery Number:

Example: 4 individuals are applying for a SUITE in Whitehouse. The first person's lottery number is 900, second is 975, third is 1003 and the other person's number is 1101. The lottery number for this group is 3979. This combined number will be used during the selection process. In order to sign-up for a room during Room Selection, the number of people signing up MUST equal the capacity of the room (Example: double room = 2 people).

If a group encounters problems and is unable to fill the room or apartment to required capacity or in need of a roommate, the Office of Residential Life will keep a listing of students who are looking for a roommate. The Office of Residential Life staff will do their best to assist students with identifying individuals who may be possible roommate options. 

General Room Selection

The General Room Selection phase of Room Selection is the final phase of the process. The rooms available for selection during this phase are determined at the completion of all other phases and are based on the remaining students' need for housing assignments balanced with the need for space to assign housing to the incoming first-year class. Most General Room Selection Applicants will be assigned to Seaton Hall. However, a selected number of returning students may be assigned to Wesley Hall during this process.

Fraternity Housing

Male students with active membership in an Albion College Fraternity are required to reside in their respective Fraternity House. The Office of Residential Life will work with the Assistant Director for Greek Life and Student Organizations and the Presidents of each Fraternity House to determine room assignments in each Fraternity House. All rooms in fraternity houses are double occupancy and assignments are made by room, not by suite.

Students with three or less in a fraternity suite are required to sign a Fraternity Housing Agreement Form with the Office of Residential Life--renewed each semester. Three-person suites will sign this to decide whether they will PowerSuite (extra cost of a single room divided 3 ways) or if one individual will pay the single rate. Any student in a room by themself will also have to sign this form in agreement that they will be paying the Double as a Single rate. Forms must be signed by the deadline given by the Office of Residential Life--failure to comply may result in Quad Housing (four to a suite--no single rooms) for that entire house.

**Note: Students approved to be on a Leave of Absence for the Spring of 2017 are eligible to participate in the room selection process.

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