Writing Center

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Sunday-Thursday 6-10 p.m. 
Or make an appointment: 

Location: Mudd 309
From the main entrance of the library, go across the "bridge" to the Mudd side and up the stairs.


Our Mission

The Writing Center is a teaching and learning workplace (not a "fix-it" shop or an editing service). We provide both appointment and drop-in writing consulting.

Long-term, the Writing Center's mission is to help students become independent learners and writers, building their confidence and helping them develop writing tools for learning on their own.

How Writing Consultants Can Help:

  • Ask writers for clarification (e.g., What would you like help with today? What's your assignment? What's your thesis?)
  • Pinpoint locations where examples, details, and support would strengthen and focus an argument or narrative, or where citation information is needed, etc.
  • Challenge you to re-think, revise, and rejoice in your writing!