Academic Skills Center

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The Academic Skills Center (ASC) supports Albion College students in a variety of academic areas. Located on the second floor of the Mudd Learning Center, the ASC includes the Quantitative Studies Center and the Writing Center.


The Academic Skills Center strives to help students improve their learning process, by gaining awareness of learning strategies and skills, and by assessing learning styles, strengths, time management, and other factors that affect learning.  

Quantitative Studies Center

The Quantitative Studies Center (QSC) assists all students with services that focus on topics related to mathematics, statistics economics, and the sciences.  Students who want to increase performance in quantitative courses utilize QSC services including peer tutoring and individual consultations with the Director.  In addition, the QSC works to support students preparing for the quantitative portion of standardized exams such as the GRE, GMAT, and Michigan Professional Readiness Test for Teachers (PRE). 

Writing Center

The Writing Center supports the entire college community. Peer consultants work one-on-one with student writers at every stage of the writing process—from initial brainstorming to writing drafts, and from organizing ideas to final editing. Writing Center consultants help students with writing taught in different academic disciplines, as well as other kinds of writing they might need to do while at college (e.g., cover letters for internships, résumés for job applications, personal statements for scholarships or graduate school). In addition, the director of the Writing Center, in consultation with the individual student, may plan a program of writing practice to meet the student's needs.

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