Requirements for Law, Justice and Society Concentration

A total of six units is required for the concentration.

  • LWJS 101, Introduction to Law, Justice, and Society (one unit). All students must take this gateway course for the concentration, unless exempted by the director of the concentration.
  • Four units, drawn from an approved list of courses, to be chosen in consultation with the director of the concentration. No more than two of the courses can be from the student’s major.

The approved courses include:

212 History of Sociological Thought
345 Race and Ethnicity

Communication Studies
301 Studies in Free Speech

Economics and Management
353 Labor Law, Unions and Management

360 The Problem of Race in American Literature
363 Literary Theory
240 History of Women in the U.S., 1877-Present
300 Slave Societies of the Americas
107 Logic and Critical Reasoning
201 Ethics
202 Social Philosophy
206 Contemporary Moral Philosophy
335 Philosophical Issues in the Law

Political Science
312 American Political Development
323 Introduction to American Constitutional Law
324 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

242 Christian Ethics

Women’s and Gender Studies
360 Feminist Theory

  • A program-related internship (one unit), to be approved by the director of the concentration.

For more information, contact the director of the concentration.