Requirements for Neuroscience Concentration

The following are required for the neuroscience concentration:

  • Core: Neuroscience 241, 242, Chemistry 121.
  • Four units, drawn from an approved list of courses, selected from at least two different departments.

The approved courses include:

300 Genetics
301 Cell Biology
314 Comparative Anatomy
324 Developmental Biology
341 General Physiology
362 Molecular Biology
366 Endocrinology
368 Behavioral Ecology

306 Neuroscience and Ethics
315 Knowledge, Truth and Reason
318 Philosophy of Mind

243/343 Psychology of Perception
245/345 Psychology of Learning
348 Physiological Psychology
378/278 Research in Cognitive Psychology
390 Neuropsychopharmacology

  • A major research project or internship.

For more information, contact one of the faculty members who direct the concentration.