Requirements for Concentration in Public Policy and Service

A minimum of seven units including the following. Note: This concentration is open only to students who have been admitted to the Ford Institute for Public Policy and Service.

  • PBSV 101, Introduction to Public Service. (Required for first year.)
  • Political Science 101, Politics of American Democracy
    Political Science 216, Public Policy Analysis

At least one unit selected from the following:

Communication Studies 241, Public Speaking
Communication Studies 245, Argumentation and Advocacy
English 203, Advanced Expository Writing
English 205, Introductory Creative Writing
English 207, News and Feature Writing
Economics and Management 101, Principles of Microeconomics
One semester of modern language at the 200-level or above

At least one unit selected from the following:

Philosophy 201, Ethics
Philosophy 202, Social Philosophy
Philosophy 206, Contemporary Moral Problems
Philosophy 301, Environmental Ethics
Philosophy 302, Leadership Ethics
Philosophy 303, Business Ethics
Philosophy 304, Ethics and Public Policy
Philosophy 308, Biomedical Ethics
Religion 242, Christian Ethics

  • Internship (one unit)
  • PBSV 397, Senior Colloquium (to be taken during spring of senior year)
  • All courses for the concentration must be taken for a numerical grade, except those offered only on a credit/no credit basis.