Requirements for Major in Business and Organizations

Note: Classes in italics are taught during Summer College.

A minimum of eight and one-half to nine and one-half units including the following:

  • First-Year Workshop (1/4 unit)
  • Economics and Management 211, Financial Accounting
  • Intercultural/Global Issues:
    One unit selected from the following:
    Modern Languages and Cultures 105, Intercultural Understanding and Global Issues
    Economics and Management 362, International Management
  • Ethics: One unit selected from the following:
    Philosophy 301, Environmental Ethics
    Philosophy 302, Leadership Ethics
    Philosophy 303, Business Ethics
    Philosophy 304, Ethics and Public Policy
    Philosophy 308, Biomedical Ethics
  • English 208, Professional Writing
  • Communication Studies 242, Professional Communication
  • Management/Psychology: One unit at the 300-level
  • Economics and Management 357, Business Functions
  • One- or two-unit internship
    Two options are available for fulfilling the internship requirement: (1) two full-time internships or (2) one full-time internship and one off-campus semester in an approved Albion College program
  • Senior Capstone (1/4 unit)
  • All courses for the major must be taken for a numerical grade, except those offered only on a credit/no credit basis.

The following are required in addition to the major:

  • Statistics:
    Mathematics 209, An Introduction to Statistics; Mathematics 309, Mathematical Statistics; or Economics and Management 235, Economic Statistics (1 unit)
    Psychology 204, Research Design and Analysis I, and 206, Research Design and Analysis II (2 units)
  • Economics and Management 230, Intermediate Microeconomics or 232, Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • Completion of a second area of specialization selected from these options: (1) an existing Albion College minor, (2) a College-approved emphasis or concentration, (3) a second major, or (4) an individually designed five-unit focus, determined in collaboration with the Gerstacker Institute director, along with the majority approval of the Gerstacker Internal Advisory Committee and the provost.