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  1. Requests for photography services should be made as early as possible but must be made at least seven business days in advance of the event or photo shoot. All requests are subject to approval by the Office of Marketing and Communications and will be charged to the requesting department.

    Please contact Katherine Hibbs at with any changes in your date, time or location before the event.

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Social Media Editorial Guide

Albion College maintains a presence on most of the major social media platforms. These social channels allow us to spread news, engage our alumni, celebrate student success stories, promote athletic highlights, and share bits of campus life.

The key word is “share.” Social media is a conversation between Albion College and our audiences. And while new social media channels pop up and die off every year, the “sharing” philosophy remains the same.

The Office of Marketing and Communications manages the College’s presence on social media platforms by maintaining a posting calendar and keeping to an editorial strategy throughout the year. While one College employee may manage a particular channel, the entire department gives input and suggestions on what to promote at any time. Social media at Albion College is a team effort.

The Office of Marketing and Communications also works with other campus departments, such as Alumni Engagement, Annual Giving, and academic departments, to help generate worthwhile content.

This editorial guide serves as our how-to manual on the College’s social media presences. The main social media channels are broken down into their own mini guides, and we lump the minor social media channels into one page.

Find Albion social media accounts on our Social Media Listing page.

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