Summer Adventures

The Whitehouse Nature Center

Farley Drive, Albion, MI 49224

General Information

  • Sessions will run Monday thru Thursday—begin at 9 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. each day
  • $50 per session
  • Each camper is responsible for bringing their own lunch.
  • Register for each session by emailing your information to or calling 517/629-0582. Include your name, email, and phone number along with your camper's name, grade, and which session(s) he or she is planning on attending.

Saplings—1st through 3rd grade

Session 1: Mammals and More

June 18–21

Discover the wonders of nature through the eyes of the animal kingdom. Participate in games and educational activities that get you thinking about the animals living right outside your door. Identify tracks, scout for habitats, and learn how animals survive in the wild.

Register no later than June 13

Session 2: Aquatic Adventure

July 16–19

Just under the water's surface lies a vast world of aquatic wildlife. Dive into interactive games that explore how water organisms work within their ecosystems. Wade into the Kalamazoo River to catch tadpoles, learn about native fish, and observe water insects up close. Waders will be provided!

Register no later than July 11

Session 3: Trek and Trail

August 6–9

Become a true adventurer as we forage through the Whitehouse Nature Center's numerous trails. Let your wild side take over as we learn exciting skills such as shelter building, outdoor cooking, and identify native flora and fauna along the way. Be prepared to get down and dirty in this introduction to outdoor survival!

Register no later than August 1

Trail Blazers—4th through 6th grade

Session 1: Art in Nature

July 9–12

Let your imagination run wild as we capture the marvels of nature by encouraging personal expression and creativity. Get inspired as we make sculptures using natural materials, document your experiences in a journal of your own making, and explore the beauty of wildlife through painting.

Register no later than July 4

Session 2: Time Travelers

July 23–26

Go back in time as we unearth the myths and mysteries of Michigan history. Take a journey through the past as we explore Native American traditions, forage for indigenous plants, and learn how to canoe down the Kalamazoo river. Begin your story in this explorative trip through Michigan's natural history!

Register no later than July 18

Session 3: Environmental Investigation

August 13–16

Gain a greater appreciation for the outside world as we investigate how our lifestyles may impact the native wildlife and the environment in general. Participate in interactive games such as going on a treasure hunt for wildlife, perform science experiments, and learn how you can be greener in your own community!

Register no later than August 8