Michael Harrington

English; member of the Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service
Graduate/Professional School:
J.D., Columbia University
Indianapolis, Ind.
Sr. Vice President / General Counsel, Eli Lilly and Co.
In a nutshell, what do you do?
I am responsible for managing all legal issues that the company faces globally. I provide legal advice to Lilly’s leadership team and board of directors and I manage the global legal staff of the company.
Why do you love what you do?
Lilly does incredible work. We are working to discover and develop medicines to treat people with unmet medical needs such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, lupus and arthritis. When we are successful we make a real difference in the lives of patients and their families. My job is to avoid or solve legal challenges that could make it more difficult for us to help patients.
How did Albion help you get there?
At Albion I learned to think critically and express myself clearly. I also learned the importance of listening to and collaborating with others who have diverse perspectives to accomplish shared goals.
For me, Albion ...
... is the place where I learned to take risks by exploring issues and questions that interested me without needing to know where they would lead me. In a real and meaningful way, I can trace where I am today directly back to the encouragement and mentoring I received at Albion College.

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