Melissa Roudabush

Sociology, Women's Studies; member, Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service, Honors Program
Graduate/Professional School:
Orange County, Calif.
Partner, R & S Law Group, LLP
Albion inspired Melissa.
My time at Albion was my first opportunity to really explore injustice and to speak out against it. While I was there, I gained valuable life lessons I don’t think I could have found elsewhere. I formed lifelong relationships with fellow students, professors, and staff members, and I had multiple opportunities to travel the world through my studies at Albion.
Albion was the beginning. While at Albion, I was able to search for what fit me and, even when I thought I had found it, I was encouraged to keep searching. I can't imagine having gone to college anywhere else.

Tragically, Melissa passed away suddenly in early 2018. While she will be dearly missed, her legacy lives on through her wonderful family and the impact she has made on her peers and the field of law.
A GoFundMe page has been established to support her husband and daughters during this difficult time. Please consider donating in memory of Melissa

Take It Further: Sociology, Women's and Gender Studies, Ford Institute, Honors Program, Pre-Law