Melissa Roudabush

Sociology, Women's Studies; member, Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service, Honors Program
Graduate/Professional School:
Orange County, Calif.
Partner, R & S Law Group, LLP
Albion inspired Melissa.
My time at Albion was my first opportunity to really explore injustice and to speak out against it. While I was there, I gained valuable life lessons I don’t think I could have found elsewhere. I formed lifelong relationships with fellow students, professors, and staff members, and I had multiple opportunities to travel the world through my studies at Albion.
Albion was the beginning. While at Albion, I was able to search for what fit me and, even when I thought I had found it, I was encouraged to keep searching. I can't imagine having gone to college anywhere else.

Take It Further: Sociology, Women's and Gender Studies, Ford Institute, Honors Program, Pre-Law