Moose Scheib

Economics and Management; member, Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management
Graduate/Professional School:
J.D., Columbia University
Dearborn, Mich.
Founder and CEO,

From top law student to passionate entrepreneur.

Albion helped me find myself and my purpose, and I became a leader in the process.

In high school, Moose was focused.

Moose, who moved to the U.S. from Beirut at a young age, knew good grades were his only ticket to college. He studied hard, maintained a high GPA, and was looking for a school where he could receive a good education and also play football at a competitive level. It took just one visit to Albion to convince him he’d found the right place.

At Albion, he found room to grow.

As an economics and management major with plans to continue to law school, Moose found Albion to be the perfect stepping-stone between high school and the real world. Both nurturing and challenging, Albion gave him exposure to many different experiences and an open path to explore each of them. But it was in a business ethics course that he first discovered his entrepreneurial spirit.

Today, he's helping people navigate through the mortgage crisis.

After graduating from Columbia University’s Law School, Moose founded, a foreclosure-prevention firm. He attributes much of his success to the impressive collection of peers, mentors, and advocates he’s found in the Albion alumni network. Case in point: when Forbes magazine wanted to profile Moose, he knew exactly who to call—former Newsweek editor-in-chief and Albion grad Rick Smith, '68, who told him everything he needed to know about giving a great interview.

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