Marty Nesbitt

Economics and Management; Gerstacker Institute
Graduate/Professional School:
M.B.A., University of Chicago
Chicago, Ill.
Co-Owner, The Vistria Group; treasurer for Barack Obama's 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns

From basketball captain to presidential advisor.

Albion teaches you how to rigorously think through issues and solve problems.

Marty worked hard in high school.

Marty grew up in a tough neighborhood and had to overcome many obstacles. But through his determination and competitive spirit, he earned a scholarship to a prestigious high school. The school’s recommendation letter read, “To say that Marty Nesbitt cares, is emotionally involved in his school, his coaches and teachers, is the most classic of understatements.” And when he was searching for a college where he could continue to make an impact, he chose Albion.

At Albion, he became a strong leader.

He maintained his competitive streak at Albion, both in the classroom and on the court, where he served as co-captain of the basketball team. He became a member of what is now the Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management and landed an internship at Deloitte, a leading public accounting firm. Through these experiences, Marty discovered his ability to lead and inspire others.

Today, he's part of a powerful group.

Early in his career, Marty became a close friend and confidant of a young Barack Obama, and went on to serve as advisor and treasurer for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. He holds an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago—which he attended on a full-tuition scholarship—and after more than a decade leading The Parking Spot, a $400-million airport parking company he founded, he has launched The Vistria Group, a private equity firm focused on the education, healthcare and financial-services industries.

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