Mallory Brown

Economics and Management, French; member, Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management
Farmington Hills, Mich.
Founder and CEO, World Clothes Line

From math whiz to world changer.

Albion allowed me to discover what I truly loved and gave me the confidence to pursue it.

In high school, she thought she'd found her career.

Although Mallory was an excellent math and science student in high school, she really wanted to become an event planner, working behind the scenes at awards ceremonies, parades, and parties. In her college search, she looked at big schools and small schools, and was ultimately attracted to Albion because of the close relationships that professors have with their students.

At Albion, she took a different path.

Mallory began pursuing event planning by working on Albion’s Union Board, but it was through the study-abroad program and her experiences in the Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management that she found her true calling. She studied in Paris, added a major in French, and lived in the foreign language house. She knew there must be a way to combine all of these interests into a career.

Today, she's putting her education to work.

Now, as the owner of World Clothes Line, Mallory brings together her love for international travel with her experience in business while giving back and helping others. For every item of clothing that she sells, her company donates a similar item to a needy person in Peru, Indonesia, Africa, or the U.S. She plans to expand her operations to other countries as she continues to travel and as her business grows.

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