Doug Parker

Economics and Management; member, Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management
Graduate/Professional School:
M.B.A., Vanderbilt University
Tempe, Ariz.
Chief Executive Officer, American Airlines Group, Inc.

From multisport athlete to corporate CEO.

I was drawn to Albion for sports, but it was the liberal arts education that made all the difference.

In high school, he was an athlete.

At Farmington High School, Doug’s life revolved around his football, basketball, baseball, and track teams. But it was off the field, in his math classes, where he discovered his aptitude for numbers. And when he graduated, he looked for a college where he could follow these athletic and academic pursuits. At Albion, he saw an opportunity to excel.

At Albion, he found his purpose.

At a time when computer programming was just becoming a popular career choice, Doug studied computer science. But it was in a microeconomics class—taken as part of his core liberal arts studies—that he saw how his math skills could have real-world value, as well as incredible financial rewards.

And today, his career is soaring.

An airline industry leader for more than two decades, Doug recently became chief executive officer of American Airlines Group, the world's largest carrier following the merger of American and US Airways. At Albion, he gained a fundamental understanding of how economies work, and he chose an industry where his business management studies could be put to good use. He relies on this background every day as he continues to shape the future of commercial aviation.

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