Donza Worden

Economics and Management
Chicago, Ill.
Associate, LaSalle Capital
What kind of internship or off-campus experiences did you have as a student?
Three investment banking internships: Columbus, Ohio; New York City (worked remotely); and Chicago. In Chicago, I worked for Baird’s investment banking division and started full-time as an analyst in July of 2013.
Describe the path you’ve been following as a recent Albion graduate.
After graduating in December 2012, I traveled from December to June. A fellow Albion alum and I traveled to over 20 countries across three continents. We started in New Zealand and ended our trip in England. With Baird, all analysts are given a two-year contract with a third-year option given to a few select individuals.
Why do you love the field you’re pursuing? What drew you to it?
The competitive nature to enter the field, the opportunities that investment banking provides, as well as the analytical work involved in the career are what drew me to it.
How did Albion foster that interest?
Through a rigorous academic program, highlighted by the Fed Challenge, and a great alumni network that facilitated my career opportunities.
For me, Albion...
... has given me the tools and resources to be successful both on a personal and professional level.
Anything else you’d like to add about your Albion experience?
In this economic environment it is crucial to proactively look for a job. Going to Albion doesn’t give one a free pass into a successful career, but through the alumni network, education and College resources, it is more than possible.

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