Presidential Search Committee

Dunham, Drew Staff Registrar
Heinze, Kirk Albion Class of 1970 Alumnus Consultant, K&K Consulting, Inc.; Professor/
Administrator, retired, Michigan State University
Hetler, Bob Albion Class of 1964 Trustee Partner, retired, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Hunter, Anne Albion Class of 1981 Trustee Learning producer, Regency
Kribs, Zach Albion degree expected 2015 Student Student, incoming president of Student Senate,
Double major in music and psychology
Lewis, Lisa Faculty Professor of chemistry
Ludington, Tom Albion Class of 1976 Trustee Judge, U.S. District Court
Mourad, Ron Faculty Professor of religious studies
Newell, Mark
Albion Class of 1977 Trustee Vice chairman, retired, Latham & Watkins
Ott, Jeff Albion Class of 1986 Trustee Partner, Warner Norcross and Judd, LLP
Pitts, Wynter Albion degree expected 2014 Student Student, communications major, French minor
Roberts, Jess Faculty Associate professor of English
Sacks, Marcy Faculty Associate professor of history
Schook, Larry Albion Class of 1972 Trustee Vice president for research, University of Illinois
Sheets, Don Albion Class of 1982 Trustee Chief financial officer, Dow Corning Corp.
Courtice, Tom Support Search consultant, AGB
Bachus, Jeanne Support Assistant to the president