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Sunny Kim, '20, Brings Music to Children in Yucatán

When Harim "Sunny" Kim prepared for a ministry mission trip to Mexico just weeks before starting her first year at Albion, she packed her violin, not wanting to miss a week of practice. Three trips and some 40 instruments later, Kim has left a musical mark in Mexico.

New to Equestrian, Alicia Espinoza, '20, Is Enjoying the Ride

Alicia Espinoza, '20
It’s a long way from the Chicago neighborhood of Bronzeville to the pastoral equestrian setting of Albion College. But for Alicia Espinoza, ’20, it was a trip worth making. Intrigued though unfamiliar with the sport, the Noble Charter Network graduate is now a member of Albion's equestrian team, and it has become a valuable part of her college experience.

Instant Impact: Murray and Jean Swindell, '56 '58, Create $1 Million Scholarship

Jean and Murray Swindell, '58 '56
For the Michigan natives and longtime New Englanders, the intention is broad yet straightforward: The Murray and Jean Penzotti Swindell Student Impact Scholarship will support bright students with financial need, support President Mauri Ditzler’s vision of growth for both the College and the Albion community, and help make Albion College well known nationally as a top-notch liberal arts school.

Professor Emeritus William Gillham Passes Away in Albion

William Gillham, professor emeritus of religious studies, Albion College
Professor emeritus of religious studies William Gillham, age 84, died unexpectedly in Albion on Saturday, October 14. Gillham was hired by the College in 1961 as a combination philosophy and religion professor; his arrival doubled the size of both departments and he held that joint appointment for many years. He was an ardent champion of the liberal arts tradition focused in the Western classical canon.

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