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History, Heartbreak, and Hope: Robert F. Kennedy and 1968

Robert F. Kennedy, 1968 (fair use campaign photo)
"With America divided in 1968, many pinned their hopes on Robert Kennedy as the presidential candidate who could end the war in Vietnam, revive the war on poverty, and unify Americans across racial lines," writes Wes Dick, Albion College professor of history. "His promise remains 'what might have been.' ... Among his legacies are his children, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. packed Goodrich Chapel in 2000 as the keynote speaker for a symposium on environmental activism."

Creating Opportunities for Current and Future 'Fordies'

Robinson Hall
Thanks to the support of alumni from the Gerald R. Ford Instituite for Leadership in Public Policy and Service, a new professional development fund to help current and future “Fordies” is taking shape.

Albion College, Oaklawn Enter Partnership to Expand Health Services to Students, Community

Albion College shield
A new clinic intended to improve access to medical services for both Albion College students and Albion residents is expected to open early next year on the ground floor of the College's Munger Place Apartments in central Albion. The plan stems from a partnership between the College and Marshall-based Oaklawn, which is expected to transfer medical services in early 2019 from its current Albion office at 300 B Drive North to Munger Place at 301 E. Michigan Ave.

Albion Grieves Loss of Chemistry Professor Emeritus Dan Steffenson

Dan Steffenson
Emeritus professor of chemistry Dan Steffenson passed away May 16 in Saline, Michigan, at the age of 77. A member of Albion College's Chemistry Department from 1967 until 2008, Steffenson was legendary for his professional devotion on a campus rife with passionate instructors.

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