Search Update: Mid-October Target for Preliminary Interviews

September 30, 2013


TO:             The Albion College Community

FROM:        Mark Newell, Trustee
                   Chair, Presidential Search Committee

SUBJECT:   Presidential Search Update

I am writing to provide another update on the search for our next Albion president. The Search Committee met on Tuesday, September 24, and selected a small number of candidates who are being invited to participate in confidential preliminary interviews with the Committee in mid-October. These candidates were selected on the basis of their experience, the written materials they presented to the Committee, and the results of reference calls made over the last three weeks. They were chosen from a pool of accomplished individuals whose backgrounds and experiences were consistent with the presidential qualities and qualifications established for the search. On completion of these interviews, the Committee will select candidates who will be invited to participate in more extensive interviews early in November. I will write to you again regarding this final phase of the interview process as it unfolds, recognizing that confidentiality will remain a major factor through the conclusion of our search.

The Committee is extremely pleased with the quality and the breadth and depth of experience of our semi-finalist candidates. As we learn more about these individuals, we are reassured about the quality of leadership from which we can choose. If you have any questions, please direct them to Tom Courtice of AGB Search, at

Thank you for your continued interest and support.