The following remarks were offered during President Mauri Ditzler's inauguration September 12, 2014. Joining Dr. Ditzler on the program were John Churchill, national secretary of Phi Beta Kappa, and Richard Longworth, senior fellow at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Since arriving at Albion, Dr. Ditzler has worked on developing strong relationships with the City of Albion and local residents and identifying projects that will enhance both the College and the community. The emphasis on "building community" was a central theme of the inaugural ceremony.

Inaugural Address: ‘Unless a College’

President Mauri A. DitzlerPresident Mauri A. Ditzler

What a remarkable view from here, atop the steps of Kresge Gymnasium. Behind me is one of the oldest competition gyms in the NCAA. In front of me is one of this country's finest colleges. And in between are so many dear friends. Some of us go back four or five decades, others only a few weeks…

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Remarks: College, Community, and the Liberal Arts

John ChurchillJohn Churchill

It is an honor and a pleasure to be with you all today, on the happy occasion of the inauguration of Mauri Ditzler as the sixteenth president of Albion College. I have known Mauri Ditzler for a long time, as a scholar, provost, president, friend, farmer, and discussion partner. I can tell you that you have made a superb choice…

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Remarks: Reinventing Our Midwestern Communities

Richard C. LongworthRichard C. Longworth

When I was doing my research on the Midwest, I was astonished to discover that not one college or university in the Midwest even taught a class on the Midwest. The University of Michigan teaches the history and economics of Michigan, and the University of Illinois has its experts on the state of Illinois…

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