Office of the President

Welcome to Albion!

Dr. Mauri A. Ditzler officially became the 16th president of Albion College on July 1, 2014.Albion College was founded on the frontier of Michigan Territory more than 180 years ago with a single primary purpose: to enhance, enrich and empower its community, benefiting those who made the bold decision to head west and find the best place to build better lives for themselves and their families.

Well into the 21st century, that purpose is just as relevant. We still imagine ourselves as a frontier college. The frontiers are different—driven by intellectual, societal and technological forces—and our mission is much broader, but our founders' extraordinary efforts serve as a valuable guide. They confronted their challenges, and our community today is doing the same—like many communities across America facing similar challenges.

That means bold decisions must continue to be made, and Albion students, graduates, faculty and staff together are doing just that. They are thoughtfully addressing the issues and making the decisions that not only are building our local and regional communities, but enriching society nationally and internationally.

In short, Albion College is an exciting place. Our students are learning 24/7—in the classroom and lab, in the professor’s office and on the playing field, and in the dining hall and dorm room. The uniquely American creation that is the residential liberal arts college is seen here every day through the close interactions between students and faculty, and it is reinforced by the discussion, debate and critical thinking that is required not only to determine the many local, regional and global challenges we face, but to tackle them—and solve them.

Indeed, the bigger the challenge, the greater the need for the liberal arts approach. The collective impact of Albion’s 23,000 alumni, who have found their vocation across all walks of life, stands as proof of the timeless techniques that have served them and our society well.

Another thing about our graduates: They are unusually fond of their alma mater. Continue to explore Albion College—both online and on campus—and you will begin to see why. Here’s a hint: It starts with community.

Signature of Mauri A. Ditzler, president, Albion College

Mauri A. Ditzler