Visualizing your life in Albion

It may sound scary to go and study in a different country at first. You wonder if you can get used to the new environment, make new friends, and catch up with your classes. Let us help you visualize your journey in Albion.

Once you come, you will:

Attend an international orientation week led by two international upperclassmen. It is a well-structured orientation which walks you through important documents and rules to maintain your status, gets you to know campus and useful resources, and allows you to get closer to other international students.

Have an "International Dinner" with all the international upperclassmen in the first week of class. This will be an opportunity for you to get to know them and ask for any advice!

Take it a little further, there is:

A student research program (SRP) that aims specifically at first year students to give them early hand-on research experience in a variety of subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Arts, History.

A mid-autumn festival hosted by Asian Awareness Group to celebrate one of the most important event in China and Vietnam. We got lots of snacks (dumplings, moon cake, etc), games (badminton, etc), and fun activities (painting paper lanterns).

A Cultural Celebration Night whose goal is to showcase the cultural diversity of the community. In the past, we have had many international students perform on this event.

With all the support and resources that Albion can give, your soon-to-be upperclassmen have been doing such amazing work. So can you!

Here are some example resources that we have:

Current International students

Albion College is home to over 35 students from 20 countries. We are proud of our native language teaching assistants, exchange students, and full-time degree seeking international students, who contribute to the richness of Albion's global diversity.

Albion is pleased to welcome qualified students from all backgrounds, regardless of citizenship and immigration status, into our living and learning community. We commit to providing exceptional support to our students, helping them immerse in the new environment, take advantage of Albion's resources and grow to their fullest potential.

J1 Students and Scholars

We are glad you have chosen to come to Albion College as a J-1 student. This information is to help you understand the requirements of the J-1 status at Albion College. Additional information will be available at the International Orientation, and Albion College's J-1 program Alternative Responsible Officer, Cristen Casey, is available in the Center for International Education for additional questions.

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