Ludington Center

The Ludington Center, located in the heart of downtown Albion, is named in honor of Jack and Dorothy Ludington, both of whom were 1951 graduates of Albion College.

The Center aims to serve as both a College and Community space, while also acting as the home to the Albion College Institutes; The Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management, the Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service and the Career and Internship Center.

Jack Ludington was a committed supporter of community outreach in Albion, and also believed in the notion that a liberal arts education has a connection to Main Street, or in this case Superior Street. This building is dedicated to his vision of collaborative problem-solving.

A special thank you to our generous donors who have helped make the Ludington Center possible. Albion College recognizes the time and talent of Samuel J. Shaheen, '88, for his commitment in designing and developing the Center.

Contact the Ludington Center Front Desk at 517/629-0702.

Using the Ludington Center

For more information or for questions regarding the use of the Ludington Center, please contact:

  • Troy Kase, Director, Career & Internship Center

  • Patrick McLean, Director, Ford Institute

  • Laurel Draudt, Director, Gerstacker Institute

Space Reservations Contacts


August – April Karen Hiatt 517/629-0336
May – July Nancy Chapman 517/629-0629


Catering for the Ludington Center is managed by Bon Appétit. For information on catering an event, please visit their website*, or contact Pat Miller by email, , or by phone at 517/629-0365.

*Please note: For catered event services outside of Baldwin Hall (which includes the Ludington Center), please add an additional $2 per person for disposables and $4 per person for China service.

Ludington Center Offices