Facilities and Boarding

Nancy G. Held Equestrian Center

Albion's equestrians train out of the College's Nancy G. Held Equestrian Center, which spans 340 acres and is the only on-campus equestrian center at a private college in Michigan. In fact, it's one of the few in the Midwest!

The Held Center offers student horse boarding in addition to the housing the collegiate riding program.

The staff of the Held Equestrian Center takes pride in the fact that only one thing rates as highly as the education of the students - and that is the well-being of the horses who live there.


Albion College welcomes students and community members to board their horses at the Held Center.

Board is $575 per month. Board includes:

  • 12' x 12' matted stall
  • Daily mucking out/bedding down
  • Bedding
  • Twice-daily feedings
  • Free choice of hay
  • Daily turn-out/turn-in (weather permitting)
  • Scheduling of routine veterinary and farrier visits
  • Blanketing and leg protection (as required)
  • Administration of medications and supplements
  • Use of indoor and outdoor arenas
  • Use of trails around the equestrian facility
  • Use of Euro-style horse walkers

Feeding and Medications: The Equestrian Center staff feeds twice daily. A feeding plan and medication/supplement schedule is arranged between the stable manager and horse owner.

Shoeing: The farrier comes once per week. Farrier scheduling can be arranged by the stable manager.

Veterinary Care:
The Held Equestrian Center staff is capable of dealing with simple veterinary cases, although a veterinarian visits the barn on a regular basis and is on call for all emergency medical problems. Trailering is available to a local lameness specialist as well.

An equine dentist visits the Held Center twice per year and we also schedule periodic visits from an equine chiropractor.

The Equestrian Center has 37 turn-out paddocks available for horses. Students must inform the staff if their horses have special turn-out requirements. There is no additional charge for turnout boots, etc.

Horses are turned out daily in the spring, summer and fall months (dependent on weather). For safety reasons, turnout is only available on a limited basis from November through March. Turnout during those winter months is dependent on several factors. Other options for the winter include the following: 1) use of two specified paddocks, 2) free lunging in the indoor arena, and 3) use of the Euro-style horse walkers.

Horse Walkers: During winter when horses are unable to go out (and in the event of inclement weather year-round), two European-style horse walkers enable horses to be exercised each morning for 30-45 minutes at walk and trot. Additional exercise on the walkers may be arranged with the stable manager.

Albion College is proud to work with Tribute Equine Nutrition. We feed Tribute to our school horses and boarders.