Dressage Team Steps Out at First Show (October 12-13, 2013)

The Intercollegiate Dressage Association has officially begun, and Region D kicked it off with a two-day double header show hosted by Michigan State University. Albion College dressage riders made up two teams out of the total nine that were there to compete for points, which will ultimately pave the way to IDA Nationals at the end of the year. A few Albion College school horses also made the trip to help provide enough mounts for all the competitors.

On Saturday, a number of the Albion riders placed within the top three at their respective levels. First-year Grace Tsangaris (Ann Arbor/Washtenaw Technical Middle College) swept her upper training level class with a 68.93% and won first place. Freshman Elizabeth Neustadt (Bloomfield Hills/International Academy) was awarded second place for her ride at introductory level. Sophomore Emma Stapley (Rockford/Rockford) took third place in upper training level. And team captain Paige Gustafson (Dexter/Dexter) put in a strong performance at first level to earn third place, too. By the end of the first day, Albion’s team A had won fourth place overall, and team B was awarded sixth place.

The second day of competition continued with more notable highlights from the Briton riders. Gustafson pulled off another third place finish at first level, as did Neustadt at introductory level. Junior Kayleigh Harvey (Ada/Forest Hills Eastern) got an impressive 67.61% to win first place in lower training level. As the show wrapped up, Albion’s team A was awarded sixth place and team B won eighth place.

“We had a great weekend,” says Gustafson, “and we all worked like a great team to take care of our horses.”

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Team captain Paige Gustafson aboard "Albion College Bronson."