Madeline Drury, '15

Madeline Drury, '15

For Madeline Drury, ’15, much of her college experience has happened in the community rather than being confined to the campus setting. In fact, she has been so involved with the local committee to bring The Big Read to Albion, as well as the Build Albion Fellows Program, that she has been asked to continue working on these programs after she graduates. “If you’re not trying to just fade into the background, this is where you need to be,” she says.

As a sociology major, education studies minor, and a member of the Ford Institute, leadership and social justice issues have always been on Madeline’s radar. It made sense for her to get involved in the projects being initiated by the College and the community, and her close connections with her professors provided her with the perfect opportunity to do so.

“I’ve worked a lot in the community since my freshman year, so I was looking for something that was more than just a community service project,” she says. “These are not the type of projects where you just clean the park and leave. You walk away from these with relationships that you never would have had otherwise.”

When choosing which college to attend, she distinctly remembers the moment when her tour guide said that Albion teaches you how to think, not what to think. The hands-on experiences she has had here, particularly those in the Albion community, have done exactly that.

“This is an opportunity to really grow into the person you want to be," she says. "You can ramp it up or dial it back as much as you need to. I’m an enhanced version of myself now."

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