Lauren Bensley, '16

Lauren Bensley, '16

"When I think about Albion, I think of my experiences, rather than just the list of classes I'm taking," Lauren says. As a student who has spent a portion of a summer in Europe as a blogger and photographer for a travel company, in addition to working for one of the most prestigious event planners in Traverse City, Lauren has developed quite a list of unique experiences during her time at Albion College.

Despite her involvement in numerous on-campus organizations, including serving as a captain of the women's soccer team, she says that no matter how full her plate is, she wants to take on more. "I feel valued here. The professors and staff members know you as a person and what you're involved in. President Ditzler knows me by name. You don't get that at other schools," she says.

Much of the knowledge she has gained at Albion has been outside of the classroom, which Lauren feels has helped her become an adult and fully prepared her for life after college. "A lot of my classes have involved finding a real problem, whether on campus or in our community, and developing a plan to fix it. The opinions of students are highly valued here."

For Lauren, these hands-on experiences at Albion have helped her grow up faster than the average student, which she sees as an advantage. "My experiences at Albion have helped me figure out who I am as an adult, and I feel completely ready for the world because of it."

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