Kelly Wright, '17


When Kelly Wright, ’17 decided to major in athletic training she didn’t know that she would be learning about rehab while going through it herself. With three games left in the soccer season, Kelly injured her ACL for the third time, which she considers a blessing in disguise.

“Every time I’ve gone through this I’ve come out a stronger person. I understand, from first-hand experience, what athletes go through when they have an injury like this, which will make me a better trainer,” she says.

Kelly was encouraged by her high school soccer coach to visit Albion. She initially came here with the intent of transferring after a year, but she fell in love with it so much that she knew she couldn’t go anywhere else. “It’s such a family setting here. I didn’t know what I wanted to go into, but it was ok because the curriculum really helped me figure it out. The professors here know you well enough to help you determine if the path that you’re on is the right one for you,” she says.

In addition to playing on the women’s soccer team, Kelly has her hands in a lot of things on campus. She’s a member of the Student Volunteer Bureau, Phi Epsilon Kappa, and the Athletic Training Club. “We might be in a small town, but there are so many things going on around campus that I never have time to be bored,” she says. “There’s a community feel at Albion, and everyone goes out of their way to help you succeed.”

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