Jordan Herron, '16

Jordan Herron, ’16

As soon as Jordan started walking, his dad gave him a football, a basketball, and a baseball. His preference for basketball was clear as he spent hours playing in the yard with his Little Tikes basketball hoop. "I told my dad that my dream was to play ball, and he told me that it’s not about playing ball, but it's about getting a degree," Jordan says.

As the first of seven children to attend college, Jordan is thriving at Albion as a student-athlete on the men's basketball team. He feels that everyone on campus, from his teammates to his professors, has pushed him to become his best. "Some of my professors have even given me their home phone number in case I ever need anything. I don't think I would get that level of involvement at a bigger school," he says.

Jordan was nervous about coming to Albion because he didn't know if he could keep up with the academic rigor of the students here, but he didn't let that stop him. "I met (former NBA player) Shane Battier at a gas station when I was little and he told me that it's not about how high you can jump, but it's about how high your GPA is," he says. "Because of my experience here, I now realize that I'm just as capable as anyone else. I just have to work a bit harder to achieve my goal of graduating with a high GPA."

Jordan hopes that his story will inspire his nieces and nephews to continue their education when they're older. "Albion is definitely worth the investment and you won't be sorry about coming here," he says. "The experiences, the relationships, and the education are one of the best in the country. I feel prepared for my future, and I’m a better person because of Albion."

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