Jamal Yearwood, '17

Jamal Yearwood, ’17

Jamal Yearwood, ’17, says that Albion, “Gives you the tools to succeed, rather than just a task to exceed.” Double majoring in biology and Spanish is not easy, but Jamal says that he loves being surrounded by such driven individuals. “The professors here are so smart. You get to know them on such a personal level that you forget they’re also publishing leading research in their field,” he explains. While speaking of his peers, he says that they all want each other to succeed and to be a good representation of the College.

In 2013, Jamal received a full-tuition scholarship through the Distinguished Albion Scholars Program (DASP) and he chose Albion because of the pre-med program. He has learned several valuable lessons through his involvement on campus with Delta Sigma Phi, Phi Epsilon Kappa, and the Healthcare Institute. He says that the Nwagni Project, a student-run, non-profit organization, has taught him how to work with people of all different backgrounds and how to meet them at their level. “I’ve learned how to adapt a plan to the individual, rather than just expecting them to do things my way,” he says.

This semester, Jamal is currently in San Jose, Costa Rica where he will conduct research on public health guidelines. When he returns to Albion, he will study and provide a summary of his research findings. “Albion has shown me how talented I can be as an individual. Professors give you the confidence you need to believe that you’re capable of meeting a goal.”

Jamal has certainly had his share of accomplishments while at Albion and he says that it takes a certain type of person to thrive here. “If you’re going to come to Albion, you have to be ready for more than just college,” he says. “You have to want to grow and excel.”

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