Blake Blair, '16

Blake Blair, ’16

When asked to describe his Albion experience in one word, Blake Blair, ’16, says that it’s been “incredible.”

“If I could go back to when I was a senior in high school, I would ask myself why I was even considering any school but Albion,” he says. “Now that I’m here, I can’t picture myself anywhere else. I found my home!”

As an accomplished distance freestyler on the men’s swim team and a biology major looking forward to graduate school, Blake feels the support he has received at Albion is what has helped him thrive as a student-athlete. “Coaches understand that you’re here to be a student first and professors know that you’re an athlete, so you receive support from both ends. Some professors have even had me over to their house to help me get caught up on lessons that I missed because of swimming,” he says.

Despite the substantial amount of time he commits to training and studying, Blake is also a member of the Institute for Healthcare Professions, Delta Tau Delta, and Phi Epsilon Kappa. “At Albion, you don’t have to worry about spreading yourself too thin. You can dive into as many things as you want, and you’re set up to be successful in all of them.”

Blake is grateful for the opportunity that Albion College has given him to continue competitive swimming, while also providing him with the environment he needed to discover that he loves biology more than chemistry, which came as a surprise. He credits this realization to the liberal arts curriculum and the professors who take a personal interest in the lives of their students. “The professors here actually care. You’re not just another number. They will make sure they help get you to where you’re trying to go in life.”

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