Using the Online Time Clock

The Online Time Clock System

Your User Name is your email address, minus and use your Network password (not your email password).

It is your responsibility to verify your time entry by the specified date each pay period so that we can approve your time and send it to payroll in a timely fashion.

To Punch-In:

1.       At the beginning of your shift select the position your are currently working. 
If you only have one campus job you must select that position.
If you have more than one campus job each will be available for selection.

2.    Click SAVE if the Actual Time In reflects the time you are reporting to work. 
*Enter an Override Time In ONLY if the Actual Time In is not correct. 
Override Time must be entered as mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm AM or PM.

If an override time is entered, you must provide an explanation to your supervisor.

After successfully Punching In you will receive a message:  Punch-in recorded

To Punch-Out:

1.  Click on the punch out button. 

2.  Click SAVE if the Actual Time Out reflects the time you end your shift. 
*Enter an Override Time Out ONLY if the Actual Time Out is not correct.
Override Time must be entered as mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm AM or PM.
If an override time is entered, you must provide an explanation to your supervisor.

NOTE: If what appears is not the position you are currently working you failed to punch out earlier. You MUST punch out for the position displayed using the Override to record the correct time out. Then you must go back and punch in for the correct position. Direct questions to Angie Konkle extension 0203.

After successfully Punching Out you will receive a message: Punch-out recorded

You are advised to periodically view your timesheet during a pay period for accuracy.

To View/Verify your timesheet:

There are two purposes of this function.

One is to be able to look at your current timesheet(s).  They are displayed here until you have verified them.  There is an option for you to save a copy of your timesheet to your computer to have for your records.

The second purpose is for you to verify, for your supervisor, that the hours you are reporting for the time period just completed are correct.  We will use this information to approve your timesheet and send it to payroll to be processed for payment.

The verification process must be completed at the end of every pay period.

In order to receive your paycheck, we will need the verification by 4:00 PM on the day after the pay period ends.

1.       Select the position you wish to view or verify.

2.       Select the pay period you wish to view or verify

3.       The timesheet for the selected position and pay period will display.

To edit a shift click Edit.

 Make necessary changes as well as support comments to your supervisor.  Click Save.

To enter a missing shift click ADD.

Enter correct Punch IN and Punch Out information as well as support comments to your supervisor.  Click Save.

4.  Optional Step.  Click on the button “Save a copy of the times” to save a copy of your timesheet for your records.

Optional - This save is for your records only.


After working the final shift of a pay period, click on the "Verify timesheet ... " button. If you unexpectedly work additional time during this pay period, please verify the additional shift(s) separately. You must verify your timesheets with your supervisor so we can turn your hours in to Payroll.

For additional information go to the Online Time Clock training site.

Please direct any questions to Angie Konkle extension 0203.

Supervisor Information

A Student Employment Handbook (PDF) is available online.

Becoming a Student Supervisor

At the beginning of an academic year your department chair or department head will appoint Student Employee Supervisors and Alternate Supervisors. This information is communicated to the Student Employment Office (SEO) which then enables you to post student jobs, hire and approve student employees work hours.

If you are not sure if you are a student supervisor, or would like more information, please contact the Student Employment Office.

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Responsibilities of a Student Payroll Supervisor and Alternate Supervisor

  1. Tell the student that they are responsible for completing tax and I-9 information in the Student Employment Office (SEO) (if they have worked on campus in the past these forms should already be on file). This must be completed before a student can begin working for you. According to the Department of Homeland Security U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services any individual working within the United States must have evidence of identity and employment eligibility within 3 business days of the date employment begins. If the I-9 has not been completed within 3 business days employment must cease. Students who do not have their tax forms and I-9 information filled out will not be able to be authorized as a student employee and will not have the capability of reporting their hours worked on the Online Time Clock until they have these forms on file with the SEO.

    The Student may print the required forms online, but they must turn them in personally (bringing the required identification) to the Human Resources/Student Payroll Office located in the Campus Building at 1003 E. Cass St.
  2. After the student has been entered in Banner as a student employee, you must enter the new employee by submitting the Notification of Hire form using the position number, organization code and rates provided to you by the SEO. By submitting the Notification of Hire form you are assigning a Supervisor or Alternate Supervisor responsibility to yourself and another person in your department. As such, you are responsible for verifying and processing time sheet information to the SEO. ***New employees added in the last 7 days of a pay period may not be paid until the following pay period.
  3. After submitting the Notification of Hire form, you will receive an email from the SEO office within 3-5 business days that the students you submitted may begin working on the date provided on the form. It is then up to you, as the supervisor to notify your student that he/she can begin working.
  4. The SEO will notify you if the position number, organization code or rate you entered is NOT approved. There are additional circumstances that may cause a student to not be authorized to work (such as, Resident Assistants are not eligible to work other positions on campus) and SEO will contact you and/or the student as soon as possible after receiving the authorization.
  5. You are responsible for training your student employees on the use of the ACIS time clock system. If you are not familiar enough with the time clock program, please contact the SEO for additional training at x0203
  6. As a Supervisor/Alternative Supervisor it is important for student employees and student employment supervisors to keep open communication with each other regarding the student employee's total weekly work hours for each of their campus jobs. It is very important to let your students know that they must log their hours worked on the actual day & time that they worked. Reporting hours or shifts as a lump sum is not permitted and will not be approved for payment until they are corrected. If you as the supervisor are approving hours but you are not directly supervising the student's work schedule before approving the students hours for the pay period, it is recommended that you print that student's timesheet and have the individual who is directly supervising the students work schedule verify the hours by reviewing and signing off. Students are limited to 20 hours per week for all campus jobs. This allows the College to provide employment opportunities to more students. This is especially significant for work study and International students who are limited by federal regulations.

    IMPORTANT: The work week runs from Monday to Sunday no matter when the pay period ends.

    Students who work more than 20 hours per week without prior approval from their supervisor risk employment disciplinary actions up to and including termination.

    Student employee supervisors that allow their student workers to repeatedly work more than 20 hours per week risk disciplinary action and/or loss of privilege of the department to have student employees.
  7. Each department will be supplied with a copy of the Student Employment Handbook. Please make this available for your students to read. Supplying them with a copy of the Student Employment Handbook at time of hire is encouraged.

Posting a Student Employment Opportunity

Posting a student job opening with the Student Employment Office will ensure that you have a access to a wide pool of students actively looking for a position on campus. In fact, the Student Employment Office asks that departments avoid independent advertising of job openings in order to be fair to all job seeking students.

Please complete a Student Job Posting Form (network login required) and return to the Student Employment Office (SEO). The SEO will post your position on the SEO website. Students are encouraged to use this site when searching for campus employment so you should begin receiving inquiries shortly after posting the position.

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Pay rates - Hourly or Flat Rate?

Students should be paid an hourly wage unless the nature of the position makes it impossible to determine an hourly rate such as research positions, Resident Assistants, etc. Please contact SEO if you need assistance determining the proper pay rate.

You must have prior approval from Student Payroll before hiring a student to be paid a Flat Rate.

Students working a flat rate position should not be working at other positions. If the position is to be paid as a flat rate please contact the Student Payroll Supervisor and turn a signed copy into the Student Employment Office at least 7 days prior to the end of the pay period.

Please note that students with Federal Work Study cannot utilize this award under a flat rate pay as regulations require us to be able to document an hourly wage for Federal Work Study.

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Approving Student Time Sheets and reporting to SEO

At the end of a Payroll Period you (as the Student Supervisor) will need to approve the timesheets for your student employees.

  • You must set the deadline for your student employees to have their timesheets verified. Student Employment suggests that you have them report to you by 4:00 p.m. on the first day of the next pay period.
  • You are expected to approve your student's timesheets by 4:00 p.m. the second day of the next pay period. Not meeting this deadline will result in the student not being paid until the following pay period. If your student has not submitted their time for approval you will no longer be able to approve their time. If your student employee has not submitted their time for approval, please get with them ASAP and make sure this is done by the deadline. Approving the timesheet is your communication to Student Payroll that you have reviewed the timesheet and are recording the time worked as accurate. You may need to work with student work schedules to verify the data entered by the student. In those circumstances where the person approving the timesheet online is not the person who knows when hours were actually worked, you are encouraged to have the student bring a printed version to the "direct supervisor" for a signature indicating they too are approving as accurate.
Online Time Clock System

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Student employees must complete tax forms (W-4 Withholding Allowance Certificates) and proof of work eligibility (I-9) before beginning work as an Albion College Student Employee.

You may print the required forms from the following link(s) but you must turn them in personally (bringing the required documentation) in the Human Resources Office which is located at 1003 Cass Street (same building as Campus Safety).  All forms should be completed in ink, not pencil and students should use the permanent address on all forms unless the permanent address is an international address.

Employee Withholding Allowance Certificates

pdfFederal W-4 Form

Michigan W-4 Form

City of Albion W-4 Form

It is your responsibility to decide how you want to complete the W-4 Form and withhold taxes. You may wish to speak with whoever does your taxes in order to best determine how much you would expect to owe and how much you would therefore want to have withheld from your paychecks. Please use your permanent address when completing all tax forms.

I-9 Form

The U.S. government has strict requirements about the acceptability of documents for establishing work eligibility that vary with each person's circumstance. Page 3 of the I-9 Eligibility Form includes a full list of acceptable documents; for U.S. citizens, the most common documentation provided is either a U.S. passport or the combination of a driver's license plus a social security card. Eligibile documents must be unexpired, originals or a certified copy, photocopies are not acceptable. Please use your permanent address when completing your I-9 form.

pdfI-9 Eligibility Form

I-9 Form Completion Instructions

Completing the form is only the first step, you will then need to report in person to HR staff with your ORIGINAL document(s) that prove you can legally work in the US. International students should report to the Human Resources Office to complete this form. Failure to present your documents BEFORE your first day of work will result in suspension and/or termination from your position.

Direct Deposit

pdfDirect Deposit Authorization

Students are encouraged to have their paycheck deposited directly into their savings or checking account. This allows a student to be away from campus on payday and still receive his or her pay check. This also eliminates the possibility of lost or misplaced paychecks. Students interested in this option should print this form and submit their completed form to the Student Payroll/Human Resources Office located in the Cass Street building.

Optional Form(s)

Schedule Form

Unless your supervisor provides you with a specific form, you can use this form to submit your class and other time commitments for consideration toward a work schedule.

Student Employment

Search for jobs on Handshake Student employees are an important part in the success of Albion College. Students work in many areas of the College. Student work opportunities are a privilege, beneficial to the institution and the students.

Albion College understands student employees are students first and employees second. Students are expected to meet their commitments to the employment arrangement, arriving on time, completing work during scheduled hours and otherwise acting with dignity and respect for supervisors, staff, other students and other members of the College Community.

Please click on the links below for student employment resources and information:

Positions exist for students with no financial aid eligibility, as well as recipients of Federal Work Study awards.

Students must be hired by a department and offered a position on campus.  Once this step takes place and the student has accepted the position, the student must complete required paperwork before beginning any student employment position.

Please note: Student must be hired first prior to completing employment paperwork.

We are committed to assisting the campus community and its students in the employment process. We strive to serve the college courteously, efficiently, and in all areas of student employment.  If you have any questions about Student Employment, please contact the following offices:

Financial Aid 517/629-0440 1st Floor of the Ferguson Building
Student Payroll 517/629-0203 1003 Cass St. – enter through Campus Safety doors
Human Resources 517/629-0205 1003 Cass St. – enter through Campus Safety doors
Career and Intern Center 517/629-0332 1st floor Ferguson Hall

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