Inclement Weather Policy

This policy applies to all full-time, part-time and/or temporary faculty, administrative and hourly employees.


Since we are a residential campus as a general policy, the College remains open and fully operational during snow storms and other weather emergencies.  Any need for the cancellation of classes and/or the closure of campus will be determined by the President upon recommendation of the Provost and the Vice-President for Finance and Administration after consulting with Campus Safety and local forecasts.  Cancellation of classes does mean the College is closed.  In the event that conditions are dangerous (usually requires a blizzard warning) a decision to close the College will be made prior to 6 a.m. for a same day closing.  Notification of this decision will be communicated by e-mail, text, and phone via the ConnectEd messaging system.  This information will also be posted on the College website. “Essential" staff must report as determined and communicated to them by their supervisor(s).

A decision to close early (employees have already reported to work, but will be permitted to leave work early) will be communicated via the College e-mail system and by phone/text via the Connect-Ed messaging system.  This information will also be posted on the College website.

A decision to close campus means all events are cancelled and buildings are closed.  Although individual employees may choose to stay or come in, supervisors of non-essential staff must permit staff to go home and/or not report despite proximity to campus.  Student social events and meetings are all cancelled. This policy does not apply to intercollegiate competition events which are subject to NCAA, MIAA, and/or Albion College Athletic Department policies, procedures and decisions.

When the College makes the decision to close:

Exempt staff are paid based on Deportment of Labor Fair Labor Standards Act.  

Union staff are paid or not paid as provided in the union agreement but may use any available vacation, sick or personal time to get paid for lost time.

Students and other staff are generally not paid except for hours worked.


However, the College does not advise employees to take unwarranted risks when traveling to and from work in the event of inclement weather. Each person should exercise his/her best judgment with regard to road conditions and other safety concerns. Road conditions in areas away from Albion may be worse than around the campus area. Therefore, no Employee should come to work if the conditions he/she is facing are felt to be unsafe. If the College is open and an Employee determines that it is unsafe to proceed to work, then the Employee must notify his/her supervisor immediately. Full-time hourly employees may use any available vacation, sick or personal time to get paid for lost time. Administrative full-time employees may use vacation time to cover lost time.

Weather related notifications that do not involve closing will be communicated via the College e-mail system and by text via the Connect-Ed messaging system.  Phone notification will not be made.

In order for the messaging system to be effective each employee is to keep phone, including cell, numbers current with Human Resources. 

Approved December 2017

TV Channel Guide

TV Channel Guide


FOX (WXMI)                       2

CBS (WWMT)                     3

ABC (WZZM)                      4

The CW (WWMT)               5             

MyNetworkTV (WXSP)       7             

NBC (WOOD)                     8             

PBS (WKAR)                       9             

ABC (WOTV)                      10          

QVC                                    11          

ION (WZPX)                        14          

C-SPAN                               16          

HSN                                    426

Evine Live                           19                          

PBS (WGVU)                      21                          

WLLA                                  22                          

National Geographic           23          

Food Network                     24          

Disney Jr.                            25          

TV Land                              26          

Oxygen                               27          

Nickelodeon                       28          

Lifetime                              29          

Disney Channel                 30          

Cartoon Network                31          

ESPN                                 32          

ESPN 2                              33          

FOX Sports Detroit            34          

FX                                      35          

CNN                                   36          

CNN Headline News          37          

FOX News Channel            38          

CNBC                                  39          

The Weather Channel         40          

MSNBC                               41          

truTV                                   42          

Spike TV                             43          

VH1                                     44          

CMT                                    45          

MTV                                    46          

E!                                         47          

USA                                     48          

TNT                                     49          

TBS                                     50          

Travel Channel                    51          

Freeform                              52          

AMC                                    53          

A&E                                     54          

Big Ten Network                  55          

FS1                                      56          

History Channel                   57          

HGTV                                   58          

Discovery Channel               59          

TLC                                       60          

Animal Planet                        61          

WE TV                                   63          

Lifetime Movie                       65          

Comedy Central                    70          

BET                                        73          

NBC Sports Network              74          

WGN America                        75          

Investigation Discovery        103

FXX                                      121        

Bravo                                    124        

SyFy                                     139        

Cozi (WXSP)                         150

Bounce TV (WOOD)              151        

LAFF (WOOD)                       152        

WZZM Doppler                       153        

Antenna TV                            154        

PBS Create (WKAR)              155        

PBS World (WKAR)               157        

This TV (WXMI)                     159        

Escape (WXSP)                     160        

JTV - Jackson Television       161        

C-SPAN2                               162        

IFC                                         163        

Sundance                               164        

GET TV (WOTV) D2               165        

COZI TV (WMAQ)                  165                        

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Telehealth & Online Health Care

Effective 07/01/2016, the College will offer an online health care option (Telehealth) to safely and confidentially consult with a licensed, U.S. board certified doctor online. Telehealth is offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan in partnership with American Well (Amwell). You can use this option when it's convenient for you and you want fast, easy, affordable, quality care. You may want to use online health care when: your doctor's office is closed; you feel too sick to drive; you have children at home and can't leave; you're traveling or on vacation.

When your doctor isn't available, you can either use a mobile device to log into the Amwell App, or a computer to log in to Many minor, non-emergent conditions may be treated online, e.g., sinus and respiratory infections; colds, flu and seasonal allergies; urinary tract infections; vomiting; diarrhea; headache; strains and sprains; pinkeye; rashes; skin wounds. You should not use online healthcare as a substitute for regular maintenance of chronic medical conditions, emergencies and serious or life threatening conditions.

Most doctor visits through Telehealth take about 10 minutes and cost you nothing. Doctors on Amwell can review your history, answer questions, diagnose, treat and even prescribe medication. Prescriptions will be sent to your pharmacy of choice.

For more information or the speak to an Amwell representative please contact (844) SEE-DOCS/ (844) 733-3627.

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