Employee Service Manual

About e-Bill

e-Bill is Albion College's official method for sending student account notifications, replacing paper statements (or bills). Periodically, the Accounting Office will post new account activity to the student's secure online account. When new balances are due, students and their designated authorized users receive email notification and can go online to view the current activity and make payment.

e-Bill offers a number of exciting features for students and their authorized account users, including:

Online Term Detail

Students and the users they authorize are able to login to e-Bill and view current and previous student account detail. Users are able to review current charges, fees, payments and any applicable credits on their student account.


Albion College's e-Bill system allows students and authorized users to make payments using e-Check. e-Check allows users to pay online without using a bank or credit card. Instead, users using their checking account to make payments online - eliminating the need for stamps and envelopes


Students can enroll online to receive their student refunds directly deposited into their bank checking or savings account. No need to wait in lines to deposit a paper check. Students will receive email notification when their e-Refund has been processed and will know when their e-Refund will be deposited into their account.

About Information Technology

Mission Statement

Service the Albion College Community by maintaining the core College functions with wise stewardship to allow for innovation.


Information Technology staff is divided into three areas: Information Services, Instructional Technology & Media Services and Systems & Networking and User Services (helpdesk)

Information Services -  Chief Information Officer, Michael Dever 517-629-0960

  • The Information Services area -  manages the College's administrative software, SCT Banner, which includes:
    • Student academic information,
    • Financial aid
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • Institutional Advancement

Instructional Technology & Media Services - Director, Robin Mohler 517-629-0962

  • The Instructional Technology and Media Services department provides support for faculty, staff and students in their use of technology to enhance teaching, learning. research and presentation including:
    • Effective use of technology for classroom activities and presentations in group and one-on-one settings
    • Technology and audio visual consulting 
    • Instructional design and development support
    • Technology training for individuals and groups
    • Course webs
    • Campus blogs
    • Classroom and conference room presentation systems
    • Printing services

Systems & Networking and User Services (Helpdesk) - Director, Eric Beadle 517-629-0479

    • The Systems and Networking department maintains the campus’s fiber optic network and high-speed internet access including: 
    • Wireless internet service 
    • Cell and landline phones
    • Houses and maintains most of the campus’s servers. These servers provide network accounts that allow faculty, staff, and student’s access to email, file and web page storage, and other technology resources.
    • Authorizations for building access
    •  Software loads for all campus computers

      The User Services area - Helpdesk 517-629-0479 provides technical support for all campus users, alumni, and guests including:
    • New user information
    • Password and log in help
    • General hardware and software support for college-owned computers
    • Basic troubleshooting support for student computers
    • Albion 1Card support
    • Signout equipment
    • Staff and faculty telephone support
    • Service of all the campus computers and network printers


ACIS - Albion College Information System

ACIS log-in information is supported by the Registrar's Office.  Additional information can be found at www.albion.edu/registrar or by calling (517) 629-0216.




Admitted Student Day: February 20, 2012

This is a visit program designed for you to become an Albion student for a day. You will spend the morning session in your area of academic interest. After lunch with current students you'll have the opportunity to obtain information regarding athletics, fine arts, and campus activities and organizations. Your individualized campus tour with a current student will include insider tips on life as an Albion College student. The day will end with Institute receptions featuring the Gerstacker Institute, Ford Institute, Pre-Health Institute, Environmental Center, Teacher Education Center, and Honors Program.

While you're busy being an Albion College student for the day, we'll keep your parents busy, too. Parents will attend morning sessions covering academic life and student affairs/residential life. They'll have lunch with Albion College faculty and staff and then learn more about parent involvement, financial aid and enrolling at Albion. You'll join each other for your campus tour and the Institute receptions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to register for Admitted Student Day, you must have completed an admission application and been accepted to Albion College prior to Feb. 15, 2012. Please contact the Admission Office if you have any questions about the status of your admission application.

Please read on for more important information. If you have questions, please call the Admission Office at 800/858-6770. We look forward to welcoming you to campus!

Student Schedule

9:30 a.m.     Registration and Faculty Reception
10:05     Welcome
10:30-11:45     The Classroom Experience

(Based on students' chosen academic
area of interest on registration form)
11:50     Lunch
1:00-1:30 p.m.

Choose two options:

  • Athletics
  • Fine Arts
  • Campus Life

The following activities are available:

  • Campus Tours
  • Institute Receptions
  • Equestrian Tour
  • Art Facilities Tour


Parent Schedule

9:30 a.m.     Registration and Faculty Reception
10:05     Welcome

Information Sessions on:

  • Academic Life
  • Student Affairs/Residential Life
11:50     Lunch

1:00-1:30 p.m.


Choose two options:

  • Financial Aid: What's Next
  • From Today to Move-In Day
  • Parent Panel

The following activities are available:

  • Campus Tours
  • Institute Receptions
  • Equestrian Tour
  • Art Facilities Tour

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