Moving Expenses


Full-time faculty and administrative employees.


Albion College assists with the arrangements and expenses connected with the moving of new faculty or administrative employees to the greater Albion area (within 20 miles of Albion College). Albion College will pay the major portion, if not all, of the appointee's moving expenses, within the limits of this formula:

  1. Albion College will not pay packing or appliance-servicing expenses. These charges, if any, will be billed to the faculty or staff member.

  2. Advantage North American will provide, at no charge, replacement cost protection based on $5.00 per pound up to $75,000. Valuation in excess will be billed to the employee at $6.50 per thousand of valuation. Should a second
    moving bid be selected, Albion College will pay the costs of insurance on the
    moving, above the minimum paid by the carrier, at a rate not to exceed $1.50 per
    pound maximum valuation up to the maximum weight limit specified in the
    employee's letter of appointment.

  3. Albion College will pay actual moving (transporting of personal property) expenses within the United States, regardless of distance, up to the maximum weight limit specified by the letter of appointment. Expenses for weights in excess of the limit will be paid by the appointee. Charges for any extra stops by the mover, requested by the appointee, shall be charged back to the appointee.

  4. Albion College will not pay costs incurred for the temporary storage of personal property nor extra moving expenses relating to the delivery of personal property from temporary storage.


Having completed arrangements for housing and establishing a tentative date for moving to the greater Albion area (within 20 miles of Albion College), the new faculty or administrative employee should secure two written estimates of the cost of moving from reputable moving firms and forward these to the College Business Office.

Please note that one estimate should be obtained from Aadvantage North American by contacting Jeane Kavanagh at 800-326-1629, who will put you in touch with their nearest agency. The second estimate should be from any other reputable moving firm. The College Business Office will then select the carrier based on the estimates and call the carrier with a purchase order number to cover the cost of the move.

When presented to the College by the mover, all appropriate moving and related expenses will be paid. The new faculty member, or administrative employee, will then be billed by the Business Office for any charges not covered by the above formula.

Exceptions to these provisions, if any, will need to be authorized in advance by the President or Executive Vice President.

Revised 9/2008 - Cabinet approved