Voluntary Supplemental Income Insurance - Aflac

The Aflac Supplemental Income Insurance is a voluntary, 100% employee-paid program for full-time, benefit eligible employees. There are two products offered: 1) Accident/Injury plan and 2) Critical Illness plan. Each employee who chooses to enroll, creates a contract with AFLAC and the College's role is to collect the per-pay premiums through payroll deduction/reduction. The AFLAC products do not replace any existing benefit. It is an additional voluntary benefit offered at a group rate.


How to enroll and participate:
  1. Review the Plan Information for benefit details (see below "Enrollment Resources")
  2. Enroll during Open Enrollment or within 30 days from initial hire. Contact Human Resources with questions.


Aflac Representative

Chris Bouldrey

(269) 998-9950 (cell)

(517) 524-8334 (fax)


Send completed forms to Human Resources (KC 4664 / 1003 E. Cass Street)


Enrollment Resources

pdfPlan Information

pdfEnrollment Form


Claim Resources

pdfAccident Claim Form

pdfCritical Illness Claim Form

pdfWellness Form (Accident Plan)

pdfWellness Form (Critical Illness Plan)