A Record of Career Success: Alumni Profiles

The best way to learn the value of an Albion education is from those who have experienced it. Check out what these recent graduates have to say.

Global Perspectives



New views, broader understanding.

Our world today faces unprecedented change. At Albion, you will become an informed global citizen, ready for whatever challenges the future may bring, through classes on issues that transcend national boundaries—and through living and learning with students who come from Asia to Africa and South America to Europe.

You might find that your academic and career exploration takes you off-campus to gain global perspective. We offer programs on six continents, including opportunities to study at some of the world's great universities and to pursue internships in business, government, and private agencies in places like London, Paris, Madrid, Cape Town, and Sydney.

Currently, over the course of a full academic year, the entire College community is exploring themes that have great importance for the future of our planet:

  • Sustainability (2010-11)
  • Health/Wellness (2011-12)
  • Global Diversity (2012-13)

We will bring to campus leaders and thinkers from a wide variety of fields, and together we will reflect on how we can advance the quality of life for us as individuals and as members of the world community.








Alumni Mentoring


A dedicated network.

Our alumni are proud of their alma mater and believe that an Albion education remains the best preparation for the demands of the future. As you develop your life plan, Albion’s alumni stand ready to help.

They can advise you on matters such as:

  • Identifying work, volunteer, and other experiences to add to your undergraduate portfolio
  • Networking with others who share similar career interests
  • Finding job-shadowing experiences
  • Locating internships
  • Developing an effective job-search strategy

Since they already know the power of an Albion education, our alumni can show you how to build on your Albion experience and use that to your advantage in the working world.

Academic and Career Exploration


A powerful mix.

All parts of the Albion Advantage come together in our Career Readiness Model. In your first year, you will map out your path to graduation, working with your faculty adviser, the Career Development Office, and other mentors. You will evaluate your personal strengths and identify career fields where those strengths would allow you to shine. At the same time, you will develop an academic plan and look ahead to the selection of your major.

During your sophomore and junior years, you will refine your academic plan and gain practical, marketable skills through experience-based learning opportunities such as independent research, internships, and off-campus study. As you progress through your four years at Albion, you will compile your accomplishments in an electronic resume that may be shared with future employers and/or graduate and professional schools. You will leave Albion confident in your abilities and ready for success.

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