Projects-Dow Fitness

Over the summer of 2009, the Facilities Operations department oversaw the addition of the Dow Fitness room.  This project also included renovations of the Dow Corridor, expansion of classroom Herrick 506, and sound and lighting upgrades in the Dow Fieldhouse.

To help contain costs, work was performed by a combination of in-house staff and outside contractors and consultants.  Design and engineering were also shared between Facilities staff and our architectural and engineering partners.



The Fitness room features all new Cardio equipment, upgraded HVAC systems, new lighting, sound and electrical.  The new windowed walls facing the outside and the corridor were designed to maximize the lighting and give the space a more modern feel.  Windows were also added into the pool area to further expand this openness.





The Dow Corridor received new carpet, paint, ceiling, lighting and sound.

All lighting in the corridor is motion activated to maximize efficiency.  The track lighting seen here as well as the canned accent lighting are all LED lights