Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I locate my 1098T form?

Students can access their 1098T forms through ACIS. They will need their Student  ID number and PIN to Log In. Once you have logged in you will click on Student Information, click on Student Records, click on Tax Notification, enter Tax Year, click Submit. You should then be able to print the 1098T for your records.

Why are my Stafford Loan funds not showing as a credit on my bill?

Stafford Loans will appear on the bill when the funds are received from your lender provided you have submitted your green Student Loan Acceptance Form. If you are a freshman, you will receive a pre-printed Stafford Loan Master Promissory Note in the mail that will need to be filled out and returned to your lender before funds will be disbursed to your account. You should deduct approximately three percent (3%) for the loan fees that the government will withhold and the difference should show as a credit on your account when the semester begins. PLEASE NOTE:  Loan funds cannot be disbursed to your account prior to ten days before the start of school.

Why are my Perkins Loan funds not showing as a credit on my bill?

If you have received a financial aid award letter which confirms your eligibility for a Perkins Loan, you will be sent a Promissory Note in the mail. Once you have signed the note and returned it to the Financial Aid Office, the full amount will then be applied to your balance due.

Why are my Federal Work Study Funds not showing as a credit on my bill?

Work Study earnings are intended to provide you with a resource to help with your everyday living expenses while you are on campus. As a result, the Work Study funds will not show as a credit on your account. You will receive a monthly paycheck for the hours that you work. This amount may be used to make payments on a deferred agreement.

Why are the scholarships that I am receiving from local agencies in my hometown not showing as a credit on my bill?

External Scholarships will credit to your account when the funds are received from the agency that administers the award. It is our policy to credit one half of the annual amount to each semester to avoid creating problems with the federal or state aid.

Why is my Michigan Competitive Scholarship/Tuition Grant not showing as a credit on my bill?

The grants from the State of Michigan will appear as a credit when the college receives notification from the State that the student's award has been approved for Albion College. If you have recently made arrangements to transfer an award from another college, or if you were a late applicant, you will receive a revised bill when we receive approval for your award from the State. Questions regarding your grants from the State of Michigan can be answered by calling the Office of Scholarships and Grants in Lansing at 1-888-4GRANTS (1-888-447-2687)

Why are my Albion College Grants not showing as a credit on my bill?

Albion College Grants should appear as a credit if a student's financial aid file is complete. If these grants are not showing as a credit, please contact the Office of Financial Aid for assistance.

Why is my Michigan Education Trust (MET) contract not showing as a credit on my bill?

The amount you specify or the amount set by financial aid will appear as a credit  when the funds are received from the State. Albion College receives a roster from the State outlining those students that indicated Albion College as their school of choice. Provided that the appropriate steps were taken to indicate that Albion is the school of choice, the student will appear on the roster. Albion College will invoice the MET for the specified amount. Please note that a final roster isn't received until mid-August. Please visit the MET Web site for the specifics on what to do to have Albion College receive your funds.

How is my HigherOne Monthly Payament Plan (Formerly SallieMae) contract applied to my bill?

When you contract with HigherOne you contract with them for the year. Since the College is only billing for one semester, we will split your HigherOne contract in half and apply that as a direct credit to the account. For example, if you contracted with HigherOne for $10,000 for the year, you will see a credit on this semester's bill for $5,000. You would then expect the same credit for the second semester bill.