Application Information

There are 4 parts of the application:

The Application will be completed by the ABOVE link, and completing the application. The reference page may be emailed to your references or printed and given to them. A Resume and a Statement of Interest may be uploaded with the application or emailed under a separate cover. Read more about the Application

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Two references are needed when completing the RA Application. The first from either a Resident Assistant or Resident Director, and the second from another Faculty or Staff Member. The second recommendation can be from an FYE mentor, a Smooth Transitions mentor, or another programmatic mentor.


The resume should highlight skills and interests relevant to the Resident Assistant position, as well as work and volunteer history and current clubs, organizations, and co-curricular activities. Your resume should include:

  • Employment Experience
  • Community/Volunteer Experience
  • Leadership Experience
  • Other co-curricular involvement

Statement of Interest/Cover Letter

The Statement of Interest/Cover Letter should offer an insight into who you are as a candidate and give the staff an idea of why you are interested in the position. The Statement of Interest/Cover Letter should address the following four areas:

  • Why you are interested in the RA position
  • How has your personal growth been impacted by living in the residence halls?
  • Describe the role of the RA within a residence hall community as you see it.
  • Your top preference for placement and why you believe your strengths/expertise will be best utilized there.