Umbrella Organizations

2017-18 Student Handbook


The purpose of the Albion College Student Handbook is twofold. It informs students of opportunities for involvement — with people, special programs, and issues — that are available at Albion College. It describes programs and services that will help increase the quality of every student’s educational experience. The handbook also informs the College community of many of the policies governing students while at Albion College. These policies express expectations of behavior, convey a respect for community, and provide for the protection of the rights of the individual. Each student or student group is held responsible for the policies and procedures of the College that are currently in effect or, from time to time, put into effect by the appropriate authorities of Albion College. Please be aware that the handbook (1) is not a complete statement of all policies, procedures, rules, and regulations of Albion College; and (2) that the College reserves the right to change any procedures, policies, programs, and so on, that appear in the Student Handbook. The College will give notice to students of changes within a reasonable amount of time. Albion College acknowledges that best practices which include state and federal laws and/or regulations, continue to change, e.g., 2013 Reauthorization of Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Consequently, if College policies and procedures conflict with or are not in line with current best practices, then current best practices, including state and federal laws and/or regulations, will take precedence over conflicting College policies and procedures.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

Albion College is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and nondiscrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, or disability, as protected by law, in all educational programs and activities, admission of students, and conditions of employment.

Important Telephone Number Extensions

Campus Safety Emergency Line


Campus Safety Business Lines

1234, 0213, 0255

Student Health Services


Chaplain's Office


Counseling Services


Women's Center


Residential Life


Oaklawn Hospital Local Number


Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs


Sexual Assault Counselor
(24 hour on-call, press the # sign first)


Title IX Coordinator - Lisa Locke


Suicide and Crisis Intervention Hotlines

Gryphon Place


Michigan Suicide Hotline

800/784-2433; 800/273-8255

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Spanish only)


Summit Point Crisis Line


To all students:

What an exciting time to be at Albion College!

As we consider the challenges that must be addressed by the national and international communities, we are reminded of the importance of colleges like ours. Like they have done so many times before, graduates of private, residential, liberal arts colleges will provide the leadership and wisdom to resolve the tough issues of our day. Since Albion is one of the best of this select group, in only a few short years the world will look to you to do remarkable things.

I hope you are expecting great joy in the weeks and months ahead. College should be lots of fun. At the same time, I hope you are expecting repeated challenges. In fact, you should insist that we push you to do your very best work. Embrace the opportunity to pursue excellence in the classroom, on stage, on the field, in your sorority or fraternity, and every place in between. Never again will you be in an environment where everything is aligned and designed to help you develop as a person of influence.

Explore all the opportunities available and then create some of your own. Work as hard as you can in all of your classes and then spend some time thinking about how those classes inform each other. Learn to persuade your classmates and then learn to be persuaded by them. Find ways to learn and develop through things that others are doing only as recreation. Ask questions of everyone and give your best ideas to those who ask your opinion.

Use this document as one of many handbooks to help you get the greatest value for the time and resources you invest in Albion College. We are committed to your success, so take advantage of all we have to offer. We will enjoy watching your Albion successes, and, in a few years, we will take pride in what you are doing as a force for good around the world.

Mauri Ditzler

Statement of Non-Discrimination

Albion College is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and nondiscrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, or disability, as protected by law, in all educational programs and activities, admission of students, and conditions of employment.

416 Erie Street Apartments

416 Erie Street Apartments

The Basics

The 416 Erie Street Apartment building is considered a privileged housing option for senior-status women. The building consists of two apartments, housing a total of 14 students. The apartment on the first floor houses 6 women in 3 double-occupancy rooms. The apartment on the second floor houses 8 women in 4 double-occupancy rooms.

Room Furnishings

Per Student:

  • XL twin size bed (80” x 36”)
    • May be bunked or placed as individuals
  • Desk and desk chair
  • Bookcase/shelf
  • Chest of drawers (three-drawer unit)

Per Room:

  • Cable TV hookup
  • Mini blinds

Building your own loft is prohibited. All college furniture must remain in the room/apartment throughout the entire academic year.

Board Plan

Students in 416 Erie Street Apartments are not required to be on a College Board Plan. However, students may purchase a College Board Plan if desired. Please see Dining Services for more information.

Apartment Amenities

Per Apartment:

  • Carpeted dining/living rooms
  • Air conditioned facility
  • Mini blinds
  • Cable TV hookup
  • Two bathrooms
  • Fully furnished living room and dining room
    • Sofas, lounge chairs, end tables, etc.
    • Dining room table and chairs
  • Full kitchen
    • Stove
    • Sink with garbage disposal
    • Dishwasher
    • Two refrigerators

Laundry Machines

  • One washer and one dryer for each floor (free of charge)

Residents are responsible for the housekeeping of their individual apartments. Students need to bring their own cookware, dishware, and silverware.

Internet Access

416 Erie Street Apartments have wireless access throughout the building. Wired connections are available upon request (submit work order request to the Helpdesk to be connected).

Key Access

416 Erie Street Apartments are set up with a card system that allows students to use their Albion1Card as a key to their residential building as well as their individual room.

Residential Life Staff

The Residence Hall Director (RD) that oversees all apartments is also the RD for Mitchell Towers and lives on the first floor of Mitchell Towers year round.

Smoking Policy

416 Erie Street Apartments is a smoke-free facility. For more information about our Smoking Policy, please see page 80 of our 2016-2017 Student Handbook.

Emergency Telephone Locations

416 Erie Street Apartments have one emergency telephone that is a direct line to Campus Safety:

  1. Front foyer – indicated by a blue light

Please see Campus Safety's Emergency Telephone Location Map for all emergency telephone locations.

Room Sign Up Requirements

Students interested in living in 416 Erie Street Apartments must apply in groups of six or eight during the Apartment phase of the Room Selection Process. Students must be in good social and academic standing to reside in this apartment. Each applicant is required to sign a release form (giving the Office of Residential Life permission to request each student's records through Student Affairs and the Registrar's Office) when applying for this option.

Apartment/Ingham Applications are due Thursday, March 23, 2017 by 4:00 PM.

pdf2017-2018 Apartment/Ingham Application

pdf2017-2018 Student Release Form

For information on room rates, please see the Accounting Office's Tuition & Fees page.

Physical Address

416 E. Erie Street
Albion, MI 49224

View it on the map

Floor Plans

416 Erie: First Floor Layout
416 Erie: Second Floor Layout

507 Erie Street Apartment

The Basics

The 507 Erie Street Apartment is considered a privileged housing option for senior-status women. This apartment houses seven students in five-single occupancy rooms and one double-occupancy room.

Room Furnishings

Per Student:

  • XL twin size bed (80” x 36”)
  • May be bunked or placed as individuals (in double occupancy rooms)
  • Desk and desk chair
  • Bookcase/shelf
  • Chest of drawers (three-drawer unit)

Per Room:

  • Cable TV hookup
  • Mini blinds
  • Closet or wardrobe/armoire

Building your own loft is prohibited. All college furniture must remain in the room/apartment throughout the entire academic year.

Board Plan

Students in 507 Erie Street Apartment are not required to be on a College Board Plan. However, students may purchase a College Board Plan if desired. Please see Dining Services for more information.

Apartment Amenities

  • Carpeted dining and living rooms
  • Air conditioned facility
  • Mini blinds
  • Cable TV hookup
  • Three bathrooms (two upstairs, one downstairs)
  • Fully furnished living room and dining room
    • Sofas, lounge chairs, end tables, etc.
    • Dining room table, chairs, and benches
  • Full kitchen
    • Stove
    • Sink with garbage disposal
    • Dishwasher
    • Two refrigerators
    • Microwave
  • Laundry Machines
    • One washer and one dryer (free of charge)
    • Located in the kitchen

Residents are responsible for the housekeeping of their individual apartments. Students need to bring their own cookware, dishware, and silverware.

Internet Access

Wireless access is only available in the common areas of the apartment. All student rooms have active, wired ports.

Key Access

507 Erie Street Apartment is set up with a card system that allows students to use their Albion1Card as a key to their residential building as well as their individual room.

Residential Life Staff

The Residence Hall Director (RD) that oversees all apartments is also the RD for Mitchell Towers and lives on the first floor of Mitchell Towers year round.

Use of Tobacco Products

507 Erie Street Apartment is a smoke-free facility. For more information about our Smoking Policy, please see page 80 in our 2016-2017 Student Handbook.

Room Sign Up Requirements

Students interested in living in 507 Erie Street Apartment must apply in groups of seven during the Apartment phase of the Room Selection Process. Students must be in good social and academic standing to reside in this apartment. Each applicant is required to sign a release form (giving the Office of Residential Life permission to request each student's records through Student Affairs and the Registrar's Office) when applying for this option.

Apartment/Ingham Applications are due Thursday, March 23, 2017 by 4:00 PM.

pdf2017-2018 Apartment/Ingham Application

pdf2017-2018 Student Release Form

For information on room rates, please see the Accounting Office's Tuition & Fees page.

Physical Address

507 E. Erie Street
Albion, MI 49224

View it on the map

Floor Plans

507 Erie: First Floor Layout
507 Erie: Second Floor Layout

About the Process


There are 4 parts of the application:

  • Application
  • References (2)
  • Statement of Interest/Cover Letter
  • Resume

The Application will be completed by following the link, and completing the application. The reference page may be emailed to your references or printed and given to them. A Resume and a Statement of Interest may be uploaded with the application or emailed under a separate cover. Read more about the Application

Apply Now

Group Process

All new RA candidates must attend the group process retreat on Saturday, November 12, 2016 from 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM. Group Process is a portion of the interview process when RA candidates are given different activities to work through as a group.

If you absolutely are not able to attend the Group Process, you must contact Julie McMahon (). You will be in the Alternate pool and attend group process on Saturday, February 11, 2017.


Interview Format

The interview will be approximately 45 minutes long. A Professional Residential Life staff member and a Resident Assistant will conduct the interview. It will focus on why you are applying, any relevant experience you may have, and what you hope to accomplish as an RA. There will also be time at the end for the candidates to ask any questions they may have.

Interviewing Tips

  • Research the position. Know about all aspects of the staff member role including programming, peer helping, student conduct, community building, staff interactions, etc.
  • Reflect on why you want a position as a RA and what you hope to accomplish in the position.
  • Review activities you have done recently so that you can demonstrate how your experiences could assist you as a staff member.
  • Think about what makes you unique. Ask yourself the question, "Would I hire myself as a staff member and why?"
  • Dress professional for the interview. Wear something that makes you feel relaxed and confident and that would make a good first impression.
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early. Confirm the time and place.
  • Remain calm. Remember that you should be yourself during the interview. Take a deep breath before you enter the room.
  • Acknowledge each member of the interviewing team. Offer to shake hands and introduce yourself.
  • Maintain eye contact and listen intently. Make sure you understand the question before you answer. Ask for clarification if you need to. It is perfectly acceptable to pause and reflect for a few moments before you answer the question. Remember to answer all parts of the question.
  • Use appropriate language when responding to questions. Remember to speak clearly and confidently.

Interview Dress Code

Candidates are encouraged to dress professionally. Nylons or a tie are not required, but it is important to make an effort to look like you want the job. As mentioned above, wear something that makes you relaxed and confident.

Shadow a Duty Night

Each RA Applicant is required to "shadow" an RA for a day. Shadowing will consist of following an RA throughout the course of a regular duty night and will provide an opportunity for applicants to get a true sense of what is involved in the RA position. Please select an RA in one of the Residence Halls on campus and schedule a time to shadow them. RA applicants will need to complete the Job Shadow process by no later than February 24th to be considered for the Resident Assistant position.

pdfJob Shadow Application

About the RA Position

Residential Life at Albion College, consistent with the academic mission of the College, is committed to providing safe, secure, and comfortable residential communities that support students' academic performance and personal growth.

The Resident Assistant is a member of the Residential Life staff within the Division of Student Affairs. The office is committed to the personal, social, and academic development of the residents. Resident Assistants are key links in fostering this development. The quality of an RA's efforts has a significant, direct bearing upon the quality of life experienced by all members of the College community.

About Us

Baldwin outside patio

Mission Statement

Albion College Dining and Hospitality Services is dedicated to providing the campus and community with high quality products and services through a variety of experiences. These experiences will reflect our commitment to being responsive to the changing needs and desires of our diverse audience while operating in an ethical, sustainable, and fiscally responsible manner.

We Value:

As Albion College is a learning-centered institution that values learning outside the classroom, we are committed to engaging our students while creating an environment which focuses on maintaining sustainable operations. We will cultivate our private interest while serving our public through socially responsible, environmentally conscious, and economically viable practices.

Diversity and Resources
Diversity is a core component to our success and development. In order to provide superior products and services we must: Embrace a diverse workforce throughout all levels while respecting and relying upon varying backgrounds, talents, and ideas; Respect and celebrate the varied cultural customs within our global community; Recognize that our most valuable resource is the employee and management team we assemble; Be committed to managing and maximizing all available resources.

Albion College is committed to enhancing the overall health and wellness of an individual's mind, body, and spirit. We will demonstrate this commitment by offering a variety of nutritious foods and beverages made from wholesome ingredients, accommodating a wide variety of dietary needs, and providing the tools necessary to make balanced and healthy choices.

The Experience
Dining and Hospitality Services values the experience created through our products, services, and environments. We create welcoming environments and memorable experiences by focusing on service and accommodating various nutritional and social needs. We are dedicated to achieving excellence in our products and services, and also creating long-term value within individual relationships.


Albion College Dining and Hospitality has a variety of job opportunities. For students, whether you’re looking for employment through the federal work study program or other part-time opportunities, there are many placements available working catered events, in the Mary Sykes Faculty/Staff Dining Room, in Lower Baldwin Student Dining Hall and in the Eat Shop Café.

Those seeking both a full-time career or part-time job placement within Dining and Hospitality Services are encouraged to look for postings on the Human Resources Web site.

About Us

Anna Howard Shaw


Founded in 1985, the Center is named for Anna Howard Shaw (1847–1919). Dr. Shaw was an ardent feminist, educator, Methodist minister, physician, orator and suffragist. The daughter of Michigan pioneers, Dr. Shaw attended Albion College from 1873–1875 before becoming one of the first women to be ordained in the Methodist Church. Dr. Shaw served as president of the national Women’s Suffrage Association for 12 years during the early 20th century.

The Anna Howard Shaw Women’s Center house is a gathering place for women – simply “a place of our own,” where women can join together to share ideas, access resources, and work together to promote growth. The Anna Howard Shaw Women’s Center aims to promote and support the status of women in the Albion Community. The Center’s programs and resources are available to students, faculty, and staff of Albion College as well as to the people of Albion and the surrounding communities.


  • To provide collaborative social, cultural, developmental, and political programming to raise awareness for women’s rights and equality.
  • To coordinate educational programming on sexual assault and sexual harassment.
  • To connect students with resources pertaining to sexual assault, sexual harassment, and sexual health.
  • To connect students with resources which support women’s health and well-being.
  • To collaborate with academic programs, campus organizations, and student organizations providing support for women’s issues and needs.

Academic Assessments

soar_logo_pms518_1245Academic Assessments

See Enrollment Process


Academic Clubs and Organizations

For good times with a smart purpose.

Accounting Society

Prepare for a career in accounting, and then network with reps from firms all over Michigan at our annual Spring Banquet. We meet regularly for discussions relevant to our field, so you’ll be ready to make intelligent, meaningful contributions. Learn more

Art Club

We’re devoted to the visual arts. Actively. We get together regularly to make art and to learn from visiting artists—we often bring them in for lectures. And each semester, you can join us for off-campus trips to art galleries, museums, and more.

Astronomy Club

Sure, we look at the skies a lot. But it’s not all star parties and dome events (that’s where we use the telescope in the Observatory). You can also join us for movie nights, guest speakers, and trips to planetariums and other observatories. And you don’t have to know anything about stars to sign up.

Athletic Training Club

Our mission is to further the educational experience of members who are interested in the field of Athletic Training.  We support members by providing opportunities for out of the classroom experiences that further their education in the discipline of Athletic Training. We also seek to educate the general public on the purpose of a Certified Athletic Trainer and promote possible career opportunities that exist for individuals in the field of study.  We also seek to utilize the skills and knowledge of our membership to promote wellness in the Albion College and city communities.   

Delta Sigma Pi

Be a part of a professional fraternity known nationwide for how it enhances the college experience. You’ll benefit from scholarship, socializing, and links to the commercial world. We also emphasize research and practice, because we’re always working toward a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture, and the civic and commercial welfare of the community.

Ethnic Studies Scholars

If you’re passionate about ethnic studies, we’d love to have you check us out. We’re an intellectual group, dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge in our field. You’ll enjoy smart conversations with like-minded individuals, along with support for your academic achievement, research, and productivity. 

Geology Club

We bring together students who are interested in geology for field trips (we like to learn in the field) and social events (we also like to socialize). You’ll also have a chance to give back to our community and spread the word about geology by visiting local elementary schools for educational outreach.

Investment Club

Learning about stock selection methods can be fun. And profitable. In 2012, we managed around $20,000. All of our profits are "rolled over" to establish a scholarship fund for economics and management majors. Besides meetings, we also take an annual trip to Chicago to visit investment firms and exchanges. All majors are welcome.

Macroeconomics Club

We like to take it further. So we practice macroeconomics outside the classroom, participating in things like group research on monetary policy. (Wow.) Academic readings and professional guidance are also part of our program, so if you’re driven and ready to learn, we’re for you.

Marketing Association

We’re a chapter of the American Marketing Association—and we’re your link to faculty and business people who can help you prepare for a career in marketing. You’ll build valuable relationships and deepen your understanding of the field.  

Model United Nations

We’re open to all students, and we like to travel. (Recently, it’s been to Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Philadelphia, and Athens.) There is no better way to learn about issues in international affairs than through UN simulations with other colleges and universities. That’s what we’re all about.

Pre-Dental Club

The club’s purpose is to provide programs that educate members about the field of dentistry and to allow members to network with each other regarding the dental school application process.

Pre-Vet Club

The purpose of the Albion College Pre-Veterinary Club is to provide programs that educate members about the field of veterinary medicine and to allow members to network with each other regarding the school of veterinary medicine application process.


  • Greek Grade Report - Spring 2010
    • All Campus GPA - 3.26
    • All Greek GPA - 3.31
    • All Male GPA - 3.15
    • Greek Male GPA - 3.20
    • All Female GPA - 3.36
    • Greek Female GPA - 3.41
All Chapter New Meber Active Member
Alpha Chi Omega 3.36 2.97 3.41
Alpha Kappa Alpha 3.53 3.10 3.61
Alpha Xi Delta 3.49 3.42 3.50
Delta Gamma 3.49 3.35 3.50
Kappa Alpha Theta 3.39 3.34 3.41
Kappa Delta 3.33 3.20 3.36
Phi Mu 3.33 3.60 3.32
Alpha Tau Omega 3.15 3.00 3.19
Delta Sigma Phi 3.26 2.65 3.31
Delta Tau Delta 3.25 3.27 3.27
Sigma Chi 3.38 3.26 3.42
Sigma Nu 3.10 3.35 3.05
Tau Kappa Epsilon 3.05 2.99 3.06
  • Greek Grade Report - Fall 2009
    • All Campus GPA - 3.24
    • All Greek GPA - 3.32
    • All Male GPA - 3.12
    • Greek Male GPA - 3.18
    • All Female GPA - 3.34
    • Greek Female GPA - 3.44
All Chapter New Member Active Member
Alpha Chi Omega 3.41 3.42 3.41
Alpha Kappa Alpha 3.71 3.71
Alpha Xi Delta 3.57 3.23 3.60
Delta Gamma 3.45 3.18 3.48
Kappa Alpha Theta 3.41 3.17 3.44
Kappa Delta 3.42 3.28 3.43
Phi Mu 3.19 1.88 3.23
Alpha Tau Omega 3.13 3.13
Delta Sigma Phi 3.26 2.92 3.29
Delta Tau Delta 3.19 3.54 3.17
Sigma Chi 3.30 3.30
Sigma Nu 3.10 3.24 3.08
Tau Kappa Epsilon 3.11 2.80 3.12
  • Greek Grade Report - Spring 2009
    • All Campus GPA - 3.29
    • All Greek GPA - 3.29
    • All Male GPA - 3.21
    • Greek Male GPA - 3.19
    • All Female GPA - 3.37
    • Greek Female GPA - 3.38
All Chapter New Membe Active Member
Alpha Chi Omega 3.35 3..06 3.43
Alpha Kappa Alpha 2.92 3.21 2.73
Alpha Xi Delta 3.45 3.19 3.50
Delta Gamma 3.35 3.39 3.35
Kappa Alpha Theta 3.39 3.43 3.39
Kappa Delta 3.45 3.26 3.49
Phi Mu 3.23 3.45 3.22
Alpha Tau Omega 2.99 2.90 3.05
Delta Sigma Phi 3.24 3.11 3.27
Delta Tau Delta 3.14 2.79 3.26
Sigma Chi 3.29 2.94 3.34
Sigma Nu 3.16 3.02 3.21
Tau Kappa Epsilon 3.26 3.14 3.31
  • Greek Grade Report - Fall 2008
    • All Campus GPA - 3.30
    • All Greek GPA - 3.34
    • All Male GPA - 3.19
    • Greek Male GPA - 3.22
    • All Female GPA - 3.39
    • Greek Female GPA - 3.43
All Chapter New Member Active Member
Alpha Chi Omega 3.44 3.37 3.45
Alpha Kappa Alpha 3.60 3.60
Alpha Xi Delta 3.50 3.48 3.51
Delta Gamma 3.40 3.24 3.45
Kappa Alpha Theta 3.41 3.29 3.42
Kappa Delta 3.47 3.44 3.47
Phi Mu 3.27 3.18 3.27
Alpha Tau Omega 2.92 2.92
Delta Sigma Phi 3.36 3.49 3.35
Delta Tau Delta 3.28 3.24 3.29
Sigma Chi 3.37 3.37
Sigma Nu 3.07 3.36 3.05
Tau Kappa Epsilon 3.34 3.63 3.33
  • Greek Grade Report - Spring 2008
    • All Campus GPA - 3.28
    • All Greek GPA  - 3.30
    • All Male GPA - 3.319
    • Greek Male GPA - 3.18
    • All Female GPA - 3.35
    • Greek Female GPA - 3.39
All Chapter New Member Active Member
Alpha Chi Omega 3.43 3.34 3.45
Alpha Kappa Alpha 3.11 2.35 3.21
Alpha Xi Delta 3.46 3.33 3.49
Delta Gamma 3.34 3.24 3.37
Kappa Alpha Theta 3.34 3.32 3.35
Kappa Delta 3.31 3.25 3.32
Phi Mu 3.28 3.20 3.29
Alpha Tau Omega 2.96 2.69 3.04
Delta Sigma Phi 3.25 2.96 3.33
Delta Tau Delta 3.20 3.24 3.18
Sigma Chi 3.16 3.18 3.09
Sigma Nu 3.18 2.87 3.16
Tau Kappa Epsilon 3.29 3.39 3.32
  • Greek Grade Report - Fall 2007
    • All Campus GPA - 3.24
    • All Greek GPA - 3.32
    • All Male GPA - 3.12
    • Greek Male GPA - 3.19
    • All Female GPA - 3.34
    • Greek Female GPA - 3.43
All Chapter New Member Active Member
Alpha Chi Omega 3.44 3.27 3.47
Alpha Kappa Alpha 3.48 3.48
Alpha Xi Delta 3.56 3.60 3.55
Delta gamma 3.44 3.51 3.43
Kappa Alpha Theta 3.38 3.06 3.43
Kappa Delta 3.34 3.36 3.34
Phi Mu 3.36 3.38 3.36
Alpha Tau Omega 3.02 3.02
Delta Sigma Phi 3.29 3.29
Delta Tau Delta 3.26 3.26
Sigma Chi 3.23 3.08 3.23
Sigma Nu 3.12 2.97 3.14
Tau Kappa Epsilon 3.25 3.04 3.27
  • Greek Grade Report - Spring 2007
    • All Campus GPA - 3.25
    • All Greek GPA - 3.28
    • All Male GPA - 3.13
    • Greek Male GPA - 3.17
    • All Female GPA - 3.35
    • Greek Female GPA - 3.36
All Chapter New Member Active Member
Alpha Chi Omega 3.47 3.34 3.49
Alpha Kappa Alpha 3.13 3.69 2.93
Alpha Xi Delta 3.44 3.45 3.43
Delta Gamma 3.31 3.27 3.31
Kappa Alpha Theta 3.42 3.40 3.42
Kappa Delta 3.26 3.46 3.23
Phi Mu 3.29 3.13 3.35
Alpha Tau Omega 3.01 3.06 3.00
Delta Sigma Phi 3.25 3.06 3.31
Delta Tau Delta 3.24 2.96 3.31
Sigma Chi 3.03 3.01 3.04
Sigma Nu 3.10 2.81 3.19
Tau Kappa Epsilon 3.34 3.13 3.37
  • Greek Grade Report - Fall 2006
    • All Campus GPA - 3.23
    • All Greek GPA - 3.25
    • All Male GPA - 3.11
    • Greek Male GPA - 3.13
    • All Female GPA - 3.33
    • Greek Female GPA - 3.35
All Chapter New Member Active Member
Alpha Chi Omega 3.47 3.15 3.52
Alpha Kappa Alpha 3.21 3.21
Alpha Xi Delta 3.33 3.05 3.40
Delta Gamma 3.29 2.92 3.34
Kappa Alpha Theta 3.36 3.29 3.37
Kappa Delta 3.32 3.11 3.37
Phi Mu 3.35 3.29 3.36
Alpha Tau Omega 3.06 3.06
Delta Sigma Phi 3.35 3.14 3.39
Delta Tau Delta 3.20 3.20
Sigma Chi 2.61 1.18 2.65
Sigma Nu 3.10 3.10
Tau Kappa Epsilon 3.36 3.28 3.37
  • Greek Grade Report - Spring 2006
    • All Campus GPA - 3.27
    • All Greek GPA - 3.28
    • All Male GPA - 3.15
    • Greek Male GPA - 3.15
    • All Female GPA - 3.36
    • Greek Female GPA - 3.38
All Chapter New Member Active Member
Alpha Chi Omega 3.45 3.32 3.50
Alpha Kappa Alpha 3.16 3.10
Alpha Xi Delta 3.38 3.15 3.44
Delta Gamma 3.31 3.39 3.30
Kappa Alpha Theta 3.48 3.42 3.49
Kappa Delta 3.40 3.29 3.43
Phi Mu 3.26 3.12 3.32
Alpha Tau Omega 2.99 2.82 3.07
Delta Sigma Phi 3.40 3.11 3.44
Delta Tau Delta 3.18 2.85 3.37
Sigma Chi 2.87 2.77 2.92
Sigma Nu 3.14 3.08 3.17
Tau Kappa Epsilon 3.29 3.15 3.33
  • Greek Grade Report - Fall 2005
    • All Campus GPA - 3.28
    • All Greek GPA - 3.32
    • All Male GPA - 3.17
    • Greek Male GPA - 3.21
    • All Female GPA 3.36
    • Greek Female GPA - 3.40
All Chapter New Member Active Member
Alpha Chi Omega 3.51 3.36 3.54
Alpha Kappa Alpha 2.82 2.82
Alpha Xi Delta 3.42 3.60 3.40
Delta Gamma 3.23 3.12 3.25
Kappa Alpha Theta 3.43 3.18 3.46
Kappa Delta 3.43 3.35 3.44
Phi Mu 3.41 3.11 3.42
Alpha Tau Omega 3.03 3.03
Delta Sigma Phi 3.32 2.79 3.34
Delta Tau Delta 3.29 3.29
Sigma Chi 2.92 3.08 2.91
Sigma Nu 3.25 3.50 3.24
Tau Kappa Epsilon 3.37 3.19 3.39



Active Shooter Information

If Shots Heard on Campus

Call Campus Safety x0911 or 517/620-0911

Campus Safety will then immediately:

    • Call Albion Department of Public Safety (ADPS)
    • Send a message through the College Alert system via telephone, text, email, campus siren/PA system to the campus community
    • Initiate building lock-down procedures

Once you have received the message, evaluate your surroundings for signs of danger: gunfire, smoke/flames, explosion, people fleeing.

If you ARE NOT in the vicinity of the shooter, DO NOT approach or attempt to enter that area. Go to a safe place, monitor a source of information, and remain there until you are notified it is safe to resume normal activity. 

If you ARE in the vicinity of the shooter, you have three options: Run, Hide, or Fight


    • Have an escape route or plan in mind and leave your belongings behind
    • Help others escape if possible, but most importantly get out whether they agree to go or not
    • Do not attempt to move or assist the wounded
    • Try to prevent others from entering the area where the shooter may be
    • Get to a safe place and call Campus Safety


    • Hide in an area outside the shooters view
    • Lock the door or block the entrance to your hiding place
    • Silence your cell phone (including vibrate) and remain quiet


    • Fight only as last resort and when your life is in imminent danger
    • Attempt to incapacitate the shooter and act with as much physical aggression as possible
    • Improvise weapons or throw objects at the shooter, making sure you commit to your actions as your life depends on it


For more information please visit the link below to a video on surviving Active Shooter events.

Run, Hide, or Fight.

Adult Children of Alcoholics

Adult Children of Alcoholics is an anonymous Twelve Step, Twelve Tradition program of women and men who grew up in an alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional home. We meet with each other in a mutually respectful, safe environment and acknowledge our common experiences. We discover how childhood affected us in the past and influences us in the present. We take positive action. By practicing the Twelve Steps, focusing on The Solution, and accepting a loving Higher Power of our understanding, we find freedom from the past and a way to improve our lives today.

It is for those individuals who feel that their lives have been affected another individual's alcohol and/or drug problem and are seeking support from their peers. It is an open meeting and all are welcome to attend.

Adult Children of Alcoholics Meetings are on Wednesday every week from 8:30-9:30 p.m. at 711 Michigan Ave (the white house next to Wesley).

Any questions? Please don't hesitate to contact Amanda Bode at or call 629-0236.


Albion College Spiritual Life Guidebook

Since 2003, the Office of the Chaplain has offered the Albion College community a comprehensive directory of area religious, spiritual, and philosophical communities. This guidebook also includes opportunities on campus (including student service groups) and a list of religious holidays for the academic year. Members of the Albion College community are welcome to stop by the Office of the Chaplain to look up information or receive a copy. Please direct specific questions to .

Partners in the Region

The Office of the Chaplain maintains strong relations with most religious, spiritual, and philosophical communities in the area and in the region. These include Baha'i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islam, Jain, Jewish, Native American, Pagan, Quaker, Sikh, Spiritual/Not Religious, and Unitarian-Universalist friends, as well as non-religious philosophical communities. Most of these affiliations are included in the Albion College Spiritual Life Guidebook.

Albion Ministerial Association

The College Chaplain is an active member of the Albion Ministerial Association. The group is focused on unified Christian prayer and worship. The group is also active in many community service programs, including Albion Interfaith Ministries, and supporting the public school children. For more information, please contact the College Chaplain.

Hillel International & Lester and Jewell Morris (MSU) Hillel

The Office of the Chaplain maintains a connection with the Jewish community, and Albion College has available professional Hillel staff through the Lester & Jewell (MSU) Hillel (East Lansing, MI). Albion College Hillel is a member of Hillel International. For more information, please contact the College Chaplain.

Other Associations

The Office of the Chaplain also has association with the following organizations:

For more information, please contact the Office of the Chaplain. Learn more about the College's affiliation with the United Methodist Church.

African-Caribbean Student Union

ACSU hosts Reggaefest in April with a steel drum band, panel discussion, and Caribbean cuisineThe African-Caribbean Student Union aims to foster fraternal relationships and a better understanding among fellow African and Caribbean students and faculty. The group works to unite the sons and daughters of Africa and the Caribbean with all those concerned with and interested in the welfare of these regions, and to engage in constructive activities. Importance is also placed on creating awareness and a deeper understanding of the richness of cultures in Africa and the Caribbean and major issues affecting the continent and the different islands of the Caribbean.

ACSU hosts Reggaefest in April with a steel drum band, panel discussion, and Caribbean cuisine (right).

Albion College Football Tailgating Policy

Albion College permits tailgating in an authorized location prior to and after home football games. Tailgating is defined as parking a motorized vehicle and consuming food and beverages, which may include alcoholic beverages, outside the sports event area. The Ferguson parking lot is the designated tailgating area for all home football games (overflow tailgating for Homecoming will be at Bellemont Manor).

The safety of our students and visitors is of the utmost importance to the College; therefore the following guidelines are established for tailgating.

  1. Tailgating must occur only in the Ferguson parking lot, which will be clearly marked by signs.

  2. Tailgating cannot start before four hours prior to the beginning of any home football game and must end within two hours following the end of the game.

  3. Alcoholic beverages are limited to single-serving, non-glass containers. No common sources (e.g., kegs, beer balls or other large quantity containers) are permitted.

  4. Serving alcohol to or consumption of alcohol by minors (those under 21 years of age) is a violation of state and federal law and Albion College policy. Michigan law states that underage drinking is illegal everywhere—on public or private property, indoors or out—including tailgating.

  5. Individuals consuming alcohol may be asked to provide legal identification and proof of age to a campus safety officer or local law enforcement officer.

  6. Carrying an open container of alcohol on public streets or sidewalks is illegal, regardless of age. When guests leave the designated tailgate area, they must leave alcoholic beverages in the designated tailgate area.

  7. No alcoholic beverages may be taken into any athletic facility or into the sports event area.

  8. Rules regarding tailgating will be posted on the Albion College Web site and a flyer stating those rules will be distributed to guests who enter the designated tailgating area.

Albion College H1N1 Influenza Preventative Approach

H1N1 Influenza:

Announcements & News

Testing and Treatment
See also: Symptoms and Care

Personal Responsibility

Preventative Measures

Class Cancellations

Online Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

As at other colleges and universities in the country, Albion College has prepared for potential exposure of members of the College community to the H1N1 influenza virus. Information regarding these preparations appears below. If you have any questions, please contact Student Health Services (SHS) at 517/629-0220.

Albion College Student Health Services staff have been monitoring information from the national Centers for Disease Control (CDC) regarding the H1N1 outbreak and have also been in contact with state, county, and local officials. Additional information as well as regular updates on the College’s approach will be available on the Web site.

Testing and Treatment for H1N1 Influenza

The World Health Organization has declared a worldwide pandemic based on the spread of the new H1N1 virus, not on the severity of illness caused by the virus.

According to the Michigan Department of Community Health Web site, influenza testing will only be conducted for “public health case investigations (e.g., ICU hospitalizations, severely ill pregnant women, patients with unusual and severe presentations, and deaths) and for congregate setting outbreak/cluster investigations.”

Because our student population will not be tested for the H1N1 influenza when they present to Student Health Services with flu symptoms, the initial medical approach to care will be similar to that for other flu viruses. For more treatment information, please see the Symptoms and Care page.

Personal Responsibility to Promote Good Health

College community members are urged to continuously practice good health and hygiene habits.

  • Follow good cough and sneeze etiquette by coughing or sneezing into a tissue (or if a tissue is unavailable, to cover your mouth with your upper arm).
  • Wash hands often with soap and warm water.
  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer especially if soap and water are not available.
  • Stay home except to seek medical attention when you have flu-like symptoms.

All members of the College community should exercise personal responsibility, including eating right, getting enough sleep, not sharing utensils, and not drinking out of the same container with others.

Preventative Measures

  1. The College Crisis Management Team continues to monitor and implement best practices with regard to health issues. This team will continue to recommend action steps as needed.
  2. As the fall semester opened, an educational campaign began with the posting of “Cover Your Coughs and Sneezes” and “Wash Your Hands” signs around campus.
  3. The Student Health Services staff ordered seasonal flu vaccines in anticipation of offering these vaccines to the College community in mid- to late October. At this time, the vaccine for the H1N1 influenza virus is being developed. To monitor progress, see the CDC Web site.
  4. Facilities Operations staff mounted hand sanitizer dispensers in many high traffic areas around campus.
  5. Common H1N1 questions and answers are available on this Web site.
  6. Individual hand sanitizer bottles and educational material were distributed to all students via their campus mail boxes.
  7. Anti-bacterial soap and tissue boxes are being distributed to student rooms in on-campus housing.
  8. Postcards explaining the College approach to H1N1 influenza are being mailed to parents at their home addresses.

No Current Plans to Cancel Classes, Programs, Athletic Events, or Travel

Classes will continue, as will programs, public events (including athletic events), and off-campus travel, and study abroad programs. In the event that any aspect of this approach changes, the campus community members and other constituents affected by the change will be notified. Faculty and staff members and students who experience flu-like symptoms should not attend work, class, athletic practice, College events, or travel on College-related business. Individuals who are unable to attend required activities due to illness are expected to consult with their teaching faculty, coach, athletic trainer, supervisor, and/or medical practitioner (as appropriate). (Students: Please note that class attendance and athletic event participation policies are set by individual teaching faculty and coaches, respectively, and these personnel should be consulted regarding absences from these activities.) This proactive approach will promote the overall health of the campus community, so thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Online Information Sources

For more information about the novel influenza A (H1N1) and seasonal influenza, please visit the Web sites listed below.

For specific information on vaccines:

For information on the seasonal flu:

Albion College Hillel

Albion College Hillel's sukkot dinner.Albion College Hillel offers a voice to the Jewish students on campus to improve awareness about cultural issues such as anti-Semitism. It gives Jewish students and faculty an opportunity to observe holiday traditions, as well as provide non-Jewish members of the community the chance to learn more about the Jewish culture.

Albion Today

What is Albion Today?

Albion Today is a daily electronic communication tool that allows students, faculty and staff to communicate information to other students, faculty and staff thru a daily distribution of information utilizing the Albion College e-mail system. The concept behind Albion Today is to compile information and send just one e-mail per day on announcement topics.

How do I submit items to Albion Today?

You may submit your information utilizing a Web form. To add an announcement, simply click the "Submit Item" box located at the bottom of this page. Fill in all of the information boxes and hit the "Submit Event" box when complete. After hitting the submit button you will get a summary of your submission, you must hit the Submit Event button a second time in order for you message to post to the database.

Keep in mind; the name of the contact person along with his/her e-mail address will accompany the event or announcement information. A message will not be sent without a contact name and e-mail address.

Please be brief and concise in your submission of information. One message will be sent daily and will include all messages for faulty, staff and students. Unfortunately, Albion Today cannot accept pictures, clip art, or file attachments. Please be sure to double-check your submission to make sure your information is complete. In the case of events, Who, What, Where, and When are important pieces for each entry. Also you should check spelling and grammar, as your message will appear just as you submit it.

Note: First time users will most likely encounter a security certificate warning. Those users using Mozilla Firefox as an internet browser may experience an error similar to "connection is Untrusted." To continue to use the Firefox browser, you must install the certificate exemption. For instructions please visit: .

If you are using Internet Explorer you will get a message that says "There is a problem with this website's security certificate." All you need to do is click "Continue to this Website." Once you click that option you will be directed to the Albion Today submission page. Keep in mind you will need to do this process each time you shut down Internet Explorer and restart.

If you are using another browser or if you need further assistance with the installing of the exemption certificate, please contact the Information Technology Helpdesk at 517/629-0479.

What are the deadlines for submitting information?

Announcements will be sent daily at 10:00 AM. In order to get your announcement included in the e-mail you must have your announcement item(s) submitted by 8:00 AM the day the information is to be sent. Keep in mind you can submit items several days in advance so you don't have to wait until the day before or day of to submit.

Albion Today now has the ability to send messages on Saturday and Sunday. However, in order for a message to be sent on Saturday or Sunday, you must submit your item prior to 8:00 AM on Friday (the Friday before the weekend you want your message sent). No one will be available to approve messages on Saturday or Sunday which is why you must have your item submitted by Friday morning, 8:00 AM.

Please know that the Albion Today will be compiled and distributed only once each day. It is important you plan ahead to make sure you meet the appropriate deadline. If you forget to add an announcement or make an error, you will have to wait until the following day to make the correction. Only one Albion Today e-mail message will be sent per day.

*Utilizing electronic media, certain situations may occur outside the control of the Campus Programs and Organizations Office. If for any reason technology or other issues prevent the distribution from occurring at 10:00 a.m., the information will be sent as quickly as possible once the problem(s) have been rectified.

What if the information I submitted has a mistake?

You cannot correct mistakes in the announcement through the web site. To make a correction please call the Office of Campus Programs at 517-629-0433 and ask for an Albion Today editor. The Albion Today Editor will be able to delete the message(s) with the incorrect information. The person who submitted the information will then have to re-submit a new entry with the corrected copy/information.

Who can use Albion Today?

Albion Today is an internal communication vehicle and is not intended for use by members outside of the Albion College community. All items must be submitted by a current Albion College Student, Faculty, or Staff member.

Albion Today is not to be used for advertisements of external businesses or organizations.  There are only two exceptions to this guideline. The first exception is when a department/program/student organization is sponsoring an event or activity that takes place at a business location.  The second exception is when the event or activity is a co-sponsored initiative with an external organization.  Even in those cases, the campus department/program/student organization must be featured prominently in the activity and listed as the event or activity sponsor.   If you are not sure that an entry meets the above guidelines, please call the Campus Programs and Organization Office. 

What are the guidelines for Albion Today?

Albion Today should be used to advertise upcoming events and forward announcements that the general population would find helpful. As with any other posting on campus, submitted items must be in good taste and conform to the expectations Albion College holds as an academic institution. No mention of alcohol may occur in postings advertising any event. Personal notices in general, and especially those listing “For Sale” as well as “Lost and Found” items, will not be approved.

Notices intended for a small population or to a particular group should also not be placed in the Albion Today. Organizations should not use Albion today to post weekly and/or routine meeting times. Please take the time to establish organizational distribution lists to communicate with other club and organizational members.

The Campus Programs and Organizations Office has the right to approve or deny submissions based upon acceptable use of the Albion Today information distribution and expectations of Albion College.

Is Albion Today the same as the campus calendar?

The Albion Today is intended to be a reminder of events and listings of up-to-date information. The Albion Today does not replace the campus calendar in any way. For a complete listing of events on a particular day, please view the campus calendar at

Submit An Item


The Stack regularly features performances and events.Here are some words and phrases that are unique to Albion.

pdfDownload the booklet

"A" Field

Short for Alumni Field, the site of the football stadium, baseball field, softball field, soccer fields, and outdoor tennis courts.


Albion College Information System. This is the way to access your student account information online—including your grades, transcripts, and class registration.


Our yearbook. The Albionian is produced by a crew of students each year and distributed over the summer.

The Alley

The local bowling alley, called University Lanes, located just off of the 124 highway exit at 16653 E Michigan Avenue.


Baldwin Hall, where the cafeteria is located.

The Big Read

A month-long community reading initiative in October that is meant to bring diverse groups of people together and empower youth through a shared reading experience.

Black Squirrels

A unique species of squirrel found throughout the town of Albion. You can often spot black squirrels (some with blonde or orange tails) scampering around campus.

Blues at the Bohm

A concert held at the Bohm Theater in downtown Albion where a new band plays every month! After the band plays, indi-vidual musicians take the stage and host spontaneous jam sessions. Great sound, great ambiance!


The theatre that shows first-run movies in downtown Marshall, just 15 minutes from Albion. The Bogar has two screens and shows a variety of first-run movies.  


The theatre that shows first-run movies in downtown Albion, within walking distance to the College. The Bohm has one screen and shows first-run movies Thursday-Sunday.  Special events occur on occasion and those occur on any day of the week.  

Briton Bash

An event where all the clubs and organizations set up booths on the Quad. You can sign up for new activities, see who is involved in what, and enjoy a big Quad picnic.


A slang term for Campus Safety.


A nondenominational, student-led Christian worship service held every Wednesday night in Wesley Chapel.


Short for Campus Programs and Organizations, the office for all campus activities and clubs. The office is located on the 3rd floor of the Kellogg Center.

Day of Woden

The last Wednesday of classes during spring semester. Dining Services moves to the Quad for a huge picnic, and you can play lots of fun games, such as the Velcro wall, laser tag, and human bowling. It's not to be missed.

What does "Day of Woden" mean? Watch the video

Drive-in Movie

Every fall, Union Board sets up a giant screen and speakers at the west end of the Quad near Kresge Gym. Bring your blankets and stretch out on the Quad to watch the show.

Eat Shop

A short-order café and grill on the second floor of the Kellogg Center. The old Eat Shop, located where the Bobbitt Visual Arts Center Annex stands today, was torn down about 30 years ago. Two benches and a table from the original Eat Shop were restored by alumni and brought to the new location.


A student-led musical organization whose members sing pop and jazz a cappella music.

Family Fare

The local grocery store, located a short drive from campus on Eaton Street.

Festival of the Forks

The city of Albion's big celebration in the fall. It gets its name from the Kalamazoo River's east and south branches, the site where Albion's first residents settled. At the Festival, many countries and nationalities are recognized with booths featuring food and cultural items.

Office of Intercultural Affairs (ICA)

Is the acronym for the Office of Intercultural Affairs, located on committed to social justice and parity. ICA partners with the campus and larger community to increase cultural awareness, cultivate diversi-ty, promote social justice, and create substantive intergroup partner-ships.

The Io (pronounced “yo”)

This is an abbreviation of "Io Triumphe," a yell written by the Class of 1900. Some of its phrases were taken from other college yells, some from a Greek play that had been presented on campus during that period, and others were borrowed from the poems of the Roman writer Horace. It goes like this:

Io Triumphe! Io Triumphe!
Haben Swaben Rebecca le animor
Whoop te whoop te sheller de-vere
De-boom de ral de-i de-pa-
Hooneka Henaka whack a whack
A-hob dob balde bora bolde bara
Con slomade hob dob Rah!
Al-bi-on Rah!

Io Triumphe! also is the name of the alumni magazine, as voted on by the alumni in 1936.

Watch the video


The Kellogg Center, our equivalent to a student union.

KC Box

Your mailbox. Everyone has a mailbox in the KC, which you will keep the whole time you are at Albion. That way, your mailing address will stay the same all four years.

Kresge Commons

The big room in the basement of Wesley Hall—not to be confused with Kresge Gymnasium or the Science Complex's Kresge Hall.

KC Living Room

Short for the Langbo Living Room, the lounge located on the first floor of the Kellogg Center. It's a popular spot for meetings, receptions, or just hanging out. You can enjoy a warm fire in the fireplace during the winter, or show off your piano-playing skills anytime.

The Loft

Also in the Kellogg Center, on the fourth floor.

The Mae

The newest apartments on campus, officially the Mae Harrison Karro Residential Village. The Mae was erected in 2001 in memory of alumna Mae Harrison Karro of the class of '31. This popular residence houses 56 lucky seniors.

Mary Sykes Room

Located in Baldwin Hall on the 3rd floor, along with the Albion Room, Briton Room.

Norris 101

The large lecture hall located in the Norris Science Complex, immediately left of the main entrance. It is also formally known as "Towsley Auditorium."

Off-Campus Programs

Albion vernacular for the Center for International Education, the office which coordinates off-campus study opportunities both in the United States and abroad. The Center is located in Vulgamore Hall.


Albion College's student news source, published in electronic format and available for viewing at In Greek mythology, the Pleiades were the seven daughters of Atlas, placed in heaven by Zeus. In astronomy, six of the Pleiades form a bright cluster of stars in the constellation Taurus. In 1882, Albion students named the newspaper after the seventh, "the lost Pleiad."


Most of Albion's academic buildings surround a park-like patch of earth nicknamed "the Quad," short for its official name, the Quadrangle. The Quad is the scene of pick-up Frisbee and football matches, outdoor classes on warm weather days, and graduation each May. If you'd attended Albion during the 1880s, you would have headed to the Quad to watch the football team play.

The Recorder

The local Albion newspaper, published every Thursday.


An easier way to refer to Cascarelli's, a bar and restaurant downtown.

The Rock

A rock at the northeast corner of the Quad that gets painted almost daily. It was a graduation gift of the class of 1899, so just how big is the rock under all that paint?

Student Athletic Advisory Council (SAAC)

A Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is made up of student-athletes assembled to provide insight on their experience. The SAAC offers input on the rules, regulations and policies that affect student-athletes lives on NCAA member institution campuses.

The "S.E.E." (pronounced "sea")

Another lounge/study area in the Kellogg Center, located on the second floor opposite the Eat Shop.

The Stack

Short for "Gerstacker Commons," the Stack is on the second floor of the KC. The third floor overlooks this commons area, a popular place for concerts, comedians, dances, eating, and lectures. The area with the wooden floor and balcony was originally the College's chapel, before Goodrich Chapel was built.

Student Volunteer Bureau (SVB)

Student Volunteer Bureau, a "student-led organization that is responsible for supporting and supplying services to existing volunteer programs and assisting in developing new ones."


The six floors of shelves in Stockwell where all the bound periodicals are located. Stockwell originally was designed as a "closed stack" library, meaning that the stacks (tiers) were closed to the public. In those days, you would have asked a librarian for the book you wanted, and he or she would have gone into the tiers and retrieved it for you. If you find yourself getting lost in the tiers one day, remember that they were not built for easy access by the average mortal.


The residence hall renamed Mitchell Towers in 2008, located behind Baldwin.

Union Board (UB)

Union Board, a "student volunteer programming council that works to provide social, recreational, educational, and entertainment programs for the student body." UB helps bring bands, comedians, and other acts to campus each semester.


The student-run radio station. Visit their website to listen live.

More Articles ...