Wireless Networking

All you need is a laptop equipped with a WPA2 compatible wireless Ethernet card to access the Albion College network from a variety of wireless locations on campus. All wireless access requires network authentication. This involves entering your network (not Google) username and password. 

Wireless LANs

There are two wireless networks available on campus, using the following SSIDs:

Albion - WPA2 encrypted network (most users should use this network)

AlbionDevices - This network is for gaming systems and other non-browser systems

Supported Wireless Cards

Albion's wireless network supports a minimum standard of the 802.11g protocol. We strongly recommend using a dual-band (2.4 Ghz/5Ghz) wireless card that is at least 802.11n compatible, as this provides a much faster connection. In some areas of campus we support the even faster 802.11ac as well, but this standard has not been deployed campus-wide at this time.  The 802.11b protocol is not supported on campus.

Wireless Connection

The Albion WPA2 wireless network will allow you to connect to the network in a secure fashion and provide the same access as a wired port. This wireless network is secured by utilizing the WPA2 Enterprise specification. This requires your wireless network adapter to support this standard. Check the user manual that came with your system to ensure your wireless card is WPA2 compatible. To set up wireless networking on your laptop, select your OS from the list below for detailed instructions:

Windows 7 and 8
 Mac OS X

Non-Browser Devices (game consoles, smartphones, etc)

The AlbionDevices network provides wireless access for devices that do not have a web browser, or otherwise need an always on connection without requiring the user to continue to provide access credentials.

One can self-register most devices by following the instructions at http://www.albion.edu/it/gamedevices.

If you cannot self-register your device, then access to this network requires users to bring their device to the help desk, room G16 in Ferguson Hall.  The help desk is open Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm.   

If you require assistance, please contact the help desk.