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Community Service - Willing, non-mandatory service by students to a public or non-profit agency for civic, charitable, or humanitarian reasons, without promise, expectation, or receipt of compensation for services rendered.

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Faith in Transition

Being a Christian in College

Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2013

United Methodist youth are invited to Albion College for an overnight retreat to experience and inspire Christian living in a college setting. The program will run from noon Saturday to noon Sunday and involve a Bible Study, opportunity to get to know our Christian Living Community students and other Christians on campus, have discussions about Christian living in a college environment, and discover how Albion College students live out their Christian faith.

Youth will stay overnight in the residence halls of some of our Christian student leaders. This is part of the experience of the program.

This program is free, including lodging and all meals and snacks. Youth are not required to bring money to participate. All we ask is that youth/youth groups have their own transportation to/from Albion College.

Registration is on a first-come, first-registered basis, with limited spaces available. Youth must return a completed registration form, signed by her/him as well as a parent/guardian. We encourage early registration, and our final deadline is November 4, 2013.

pdfFaith in Transition 2013 registration form (PDF)

pdfFaith in Transition 2013 flyer (PDF)

For more information on the retreat or registration, you may contact us in one of three ways:

  • Email Andy Leyder, '14, .
  • Email Albion College Chaplain Dan McQuown at .
  • Call the Office of the Chaplain, Albion College (517-629-0492).

Youth groups are welcome, but we need at least an estimate of numbers.

Concurrent Adult Session

Adults are invited to a concurrent session with Deacon Carl Gladstone, ’01. This will include an introduction to current curriculum from the Global Board and covenant conversations about best practices. Rev. Gladstone works with young adult ministries in the North Central Jurisdiction. The cost for materials, lodging in guest housing, and food are covered by Albion College as a service to the United Methodist Church. Adults should complete a registration form. All questions for adult participants should be directed to Chaplain Dan McQuown at or 517-629-0492.

Interfaith Initiatives

The College Chaplain coordinates interfaith life on Albion College's campus, by training, supervising, and supporting student leaders. 

Visiting Churches, Temples, and Mosques

The Office of the Chaplain maintains strong relations with most religious, spiritual, and philosophical communities in the area and in the region. The Bridge helps the Office of the Chaplain to facilitate visits to a variety of communities each academic year. The Office of the Chaplain can assist individuals and groups in planning a visit, as well as providing resources for preparing for the visit in terms of etiquette.

Cultural and Diversity Weeks and Months

The Office of Intercultural Affairs coordinates Albion College's celebration of Latino/Latina Heritage Month, Coming Out Week, Black History Month, and Asian Pacific Heritage Month, and other awareness celebrations. The Anna Howard Shaw Women's Center coordinates Women's History Month. The Office of the Chaplain (including Chapel) as well as student organizations often sponsor programs during these heritage weeks and months that have a religious, spiritual, or philosophical theme.

Umbrella Groups

Umbrella groups, supported by the Office of Intercultural Affairs and the Office of the Chaplain, regularly sponsor programs with significant religious and/or philosophical themes.

Religious Services

Albion College Chapel

worship at Albion College Chapel         A Place of Grace

Student-led Christian worship at Albion College Chapel takes place every Wednesday night of the academic year at 9:00 p.m. in the Kellogg Center "Stack" (second floor). Each week, the Christian body on campus gathers in unity. While the music is primarily contemporary Christian, students keep many traditional aspects (e.g., Benediction, hymns, prayers) and weave together different musical genres (e.g., Gospel, praise songs from different countries). This is a uniquely Albion College phenomenon. It is a tremendous expression of Christian unity on campus and in the world. Leadership for Chapel is drawn from all Christian groups and Christian traditions. For students on the leadership team, Chapel is a great opportunity to develop ministry skills and discern calling. Albion College Chapel is a student-led program, sponsored by the Office of the Chaplain. All members of the Albion College community are welcome to attend and participate.


Each year for the past twelve years, Asian Awareness Group (AAG) hosts a campus celebration of Diwali, supported by the Office of the Chaplain and the Office of Intercultural Affairs. This is normally held in November.

Lessons and Carols

One of Albion College's most beloved traditions, the Music Department sponsors "A Service of Lessons and Carols" once per year during Advent. This is a wonderful celebration of sacred vocal music, and for many, a deeply meaningful Christian worship experience. The public and all members of the Albion College community are welcome. Free.

Catholic Mass

Catholic Mass takes place on campus once per month. The Office of the Chaplain advertises this monthly. Father Joseph Gray of St. John Catholic Church (Albion) officiates. Open to the entire campus community.

On Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m., the Catholic Connections student organization provides a ride service to/from the 10:30 a.m. Mass at St. John Catholic Church (1020 Irwin Ave., Albion). All students are welcome.

Jewish Holidays

Albion College Hillel organizes programs throughout the academic year for campus to observe Jewish holidays and raise awareness of Jewish tradition. The Office of the Chaplain and Office of Intercultural Affairs provides support.

Student Organizations

Hillel's Sukkot on the Quad.

Albion College has a number of student organizations active in religious, spiritual, and philosophical life. All students are welcome in all organizations. The Office of the Chaplain actively supports the work and life of each organization, as well as bringing them together for Albion College Chapel. For more information on specific groups, ecumenical outreach, and interfaith initiatives, contact the Office of the Chaplain online (x0492).

For more information on student organizations in general, visit the Campus Programs and Organizations website.

Athletes in Action

Athletes in Action at Albion College exists to reach student athletes for Jesus Christ through the influences of sports. This is accomplished through small group Bible studies, discipleship, summer opportunities and a conference. Athletes in Action is an offshoot of Campus Crusade for Christ.

Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru)

Campus Crusade for Christ is an international, interdenominational Christian ministry dedicated to turning spiritually lost students into Christ-centered laborers. Primary focus is on discipleship and fellowship. There are many different Bible studies, and a weekly meeting. Also, there are several opportunities to attend various retreats, conferences, and concerts.

Catholic Connections

Catholic Connections is the Catholic group on campus dedicated to spreading the Catholic teaching, while growing deeper in faith. Rides are provided to Mass at St. John Church every Sunday at 10:00 a.m., and there is a weekly Meeting/Bible Study/Fellowship night on campus. Some years, Catholic Connections organizes a retreat. During Lent, members help out at Fish Fries at St. John.  In the past the group has also helped with a Theology on Tap at Cascarelli's during the spring semester.


Albion College Hillel offers a voice to the Jewish students on campus to improve awareness about cultural issues such as anti-Semitism. It gives Jewish students and faculty an opportunity to observe holiday traditions, as well as provide non-Jewish members of the community the chance to learn more about the Jewish culture.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is an interdenominational group whose purpose is to build student-led collegiate fellowships that are committed to evangelism, discipleship, engagement of the campus in all its diversity, and the world mission of the church in obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The chapter is affiliated with the international IVCF, and participates in a number of conferences and training events. There are large group meetings, smaller Bible studies in every residence hall, regular prayer meetings, and various social events. Everyone is welcome to participate in any activity.

Muslim Student Association

Muslim Student Association is a support network for Muslims on Albion College's campus, and is affiliated with the national Muslim Student Association. The group provides programs that teach about Islam and the Islamic culture. These range from special dinners to religious observances.

Secular Humanist Group

The Secular Humanist Group serves as an open forum and support group for students who are nonreligious. The group helps students develop ideas and skills for their future in a religious society and emphasizes making life meaningful by helping others and building long-lasting friendships. The group is affiliated with the Center for Inquiry - Michigan, part of a national network for nonbelievers.

United Voices of Albion College (UVAC)

UVAC is an organization that stands on the foundation of Christian unity, diversity, knowledge, and leadership. UVAC exemplifies African-American heritage through gospel music. The group's main event, United Voices in Praise, is a concert each year involving students and the community. Student leaders in UVAC direct and manage rehearsals, and produce the gospel concerts. UVAC welcomes students of all backgrounds.

Wesley Fellowship

Wesley Fellowship is a welcoming group that strives to connect students to real relationships with God, each other, and the rest of the world. Operating out of a Christian framework but a group for all students who want to grow spiritually, Wesley Fellowship discusses ideas and concerns, and serves others. While historically United Methodist, Wesley welcomes all students interested in faith and celebrates the diversity that is to be found in Albion. Weekly meetings consist of some kind of activity (ultimate, Cranium etc.), reflection, and discussion over a meal, interspersed service and cultural events. The group is supported by the local First United Methodist Church of Albion.

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